Opposing Responses to the Israel-UAE Peace Deal

Reactions from around the world are coming in regarding the historic Israel-UAE peace deal. Those from the Muslim world are most interesting. Here are some examples:

Image may contain: sky, night, skyscraper and outdoor

Guess where this building is located!

This is Dubai, UAE! It appears clear they are very excited about the peace deal with Israel. In fact, they are looking forward to Israeli visitors to the United Arab Emirates! Incidentally, the UAE recently flew in COVID supplies to the people of Gaza, but had to fly an unmarked aircraft because they landed in Tel Aviv, where they had no official diplomatic relations with Israel. Unmarked planes will no longer be necessary! Very exciting for Israel and the UAE!

By the way, in a very ironic twist, the Obama administration can be partially thanked for this historic deal! Why? Because when secret negotiations were carried out to draft the Iranian peace deal, the exclusion of Israel and moderate Sunni countries forced those Sunni Arab countries to realize they need a solid ally, and that ally is Israel! What was meant for evil, God used for good!

Thus, while moderate Muslim nations are lauding the Israel-UAE peace deal, radical Muslim nations vehemently oppose it.

For example, Turkey’s President Erdogan is not happy with the deal! In fact, though Turkey is a NATO member, their allegiances over the past few years have turned sharply in favor of the radical regimes in Iran and Syria. Thus, an Arab peace plan with Israel is difficult to swallow for Erdogan and his allies.

What is the Palestinian response to the historic peace accord between Israel and the UAE? They are furious!

Palestinians fume over Israel-UAE deal - The Jerusalem Post

Fatah, the ruling party in the Palestinian-controlled West Bank believes the UAE has betrayed them and all other Arabs. In response, Palestinians are burning effigies of President Trump, PM Netanyahu and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan. The Palestinian Authority has recalled their ambassador to the UAE, in effect severing ties with them.

Not surprisingly, here is Israel’s response:

Tel Aviv Municipality lit up with the UAE flag, August 13, 2020. (photo credit: TEL AVIV MUNICIPALITY)
UAE flag lights up the Tel Aviv municipal building

What does the peace deal mean for the parties involved?

  • For Israel, it means signing a peace treaty with an Arab/Muslim country without giving up land for peace! First time ever in Israel’s modern history! It delays claiming sovereignty over parts of the West Bank without eliminating the option altogether. It also provides allied territory less than 100 miles from Iran, which provides nearby strike capability.
  • For UAE, it means gaining a reliable ally. Sunni Muslims are in an age-old battle with Shiite Muslims, most notably Iran. Given Iran’s rise in aggression and desperation, moderate Sunni nations such as Egypt, Jordan, the UAE and, secretly Saudi Arabia, are quietly forming an alliance to stand against the rogue Iranian regime and their terrorist proxies. Oman, Bahrain and Egypt have already expressed support of the peace plan, so battle lines are being drawn in the Muslim world.
  • For the US, it means President Trump has accomplished something many other presidents have tried and failed: get a significant peace deal done in the Middle East. It also solidifies the strong US stance with Israel, which is definitely Biblical! (Genesis 12:3, Joel 3:2 and other places)

As the Middle East continues to boil, keep in mind these things are lining up with Bible prophecy! Our Messiah is returning to snatch us out of this world soon. This is known as the rapture, and it applies to believers in Jesus Christ. The following passages are extremely encouraging, so grab a cup of coffee, sit down and relax, and slowly meditate on the promises!

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