All Eyes on Israel

Hey friends, I want to share a special message with you today! If you have followed along, we have just completed the third week of a 4-week study on God's Faithfulness to Israel in the past, present and future. Honestly, I finished writing the study late Thursday night, January 26, and on Friday, January 27, …

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From Ethnos to Theos

Hi friends! If you have studied along with us, you know we discovered the Greek word ethnos, translated in Matthew 24 when Jesus' prophesied that nation will rise against nation. Ethnos, in Greek, is very much akin to "ethnic group," and we would more accurately read Matthew 24 to say, ...ethnos will rise against ethnos... …

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We are Not of This World

What a fantastic 2 1/2-minute message! Be blessed as you hear it!

News Flash: God Doesn’t Need Our Help!

Humans do strange things when they try to help God out! In one of the most well-known "help God out" narratives, Abram's aging wife, Sarai, sent her younger handmaiden into Abram to conceive and bear the son of promise. Yet, what transpired was the birth of Ishmael. What a tragedy that has brought upon the …

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