“The Mystery of the Rapture” (Amir Tsarfati)

What a timely and encouraging message re-posted on YouTube and Facebook a few days ago by Behold Israel. In perhaps the most chaotic season in known memory, Amir Tsarfati shares comforting words regarding our future as believers. Carve out some time, relax, and take in this message of encouragement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Grnkz9gX6rY

America’s Impact: How Long will it Last?

Fellow Bible believers, yesterday we launched a mini-series entitled Where is America in Bible Prophecy? We discussed the need to develop a victim class if socialism is to succeed, then described the need for Christians in America to fight for Biblical truth. Today, we'll expand our vision from America's challenges to the impact those challenges …

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In the Midst of Lawlessness, Where is Your Hope?

Over the past few days, we focused on heavy issues such as the rise of a New World Order and an Israeli airstrike on Iranian targets in Syria. Now, it's time for encouragement. We have a Hope...the Blessed Hope! https://youtu.be/OR0FV130gEg

The Rise of One World Religion

Today, we are watching evil seep from every crook and crevice like never before. By God's grace, America has enjoyed over 240 years of God's grace and blessing upon our nation. Why? Because God needed a people group to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ all around the world. Our nation was founded on Biblical …

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