President George W Bush Pays Tribute to Billy Graham

Lunch with the Rev. Billy Graham at the White House.


As many know, Billy Graham had a profound impact on many US Presidents, as well as leaders around the world.  He share the love of Christ and His salvation to the most powerful people in the world.  George W Bush, our 44th President of the United States shares a tribute to Billy Graham and you can find it here:

How Billy Graham Changed My Life


Let’s Worship Adonai!

The Hebrew word Adonai means “Lord,” and you find it throughout the Hebrews scriptures (Tanakh, which is our Old Testament).  Jewish people like to worship Adonai, and Messianic Jews know that Adonai is none other than Yeshua…Jesus!

As you enjoy this Lord’s Day, take a few minutes to worship Adonai!

Don’t Miss YOUR Time of Visitation

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It is likely no secret to those who follow that I highly respect the teaching of Amir Tsarfati (founder of Behold Israel).  I have toured with Amir and can testify first hand that the Lord’s anointing is upon him, and upon the mission to which God has called him.

This past week I watched his newly-released Don’t Miss Your Visitation teaching, given during a recent ministry tour in the Philippines.  It is fantastic, so I want to share it here.

But, before I do, I want to speak lovingly and urgently to those who do not know and follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  As you will hear in Amir’s teaching, Jerusalem “missed the day of visitation” when Jesus showed up differently than what they expected.  However, you could similarly miss the day of visitation when Jesus comes to take believers in Christ out of this world.  (Christians call that the rapture, and it is described most clearly in 1 Corinthians 15:50-52 and 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18.)  Jesus is coming again and you must put your faith and trust in Him to avoid the wrath of God that will come following the rapture.  Want to know God and be at peace with Him?  Click here.

Get comfy and tune in!

Opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem to Coincide with Israel’s 70th Birthday!

In one of the most astounding moves of his presidency, President Trump announced in a speech this morning that the US Embassy will move to Jerusalem in May, to coincide with Israel’s 70th birthday!

The move will be a temporary move to the current Consulate General’s location in the Arnona neighborhood.  Plans for a more permanent embassy building are still in the works.

The story is developing, but you can read more info at:

Pray for wisdom for our leaders and those around the world.  This will almost assuredly cause an uproar in certain Islamic nations.