The Little Spaceship that Could

Beresheet performs its final maneuver  (courtesy SpaceIL) Remember the Israeli spacecraft that launched from Cape Canaveral FL on February 22, headed to the moon? Well, the little spaceship that could is on track for a lunar landing on April 11! Not only will it be the first Israeli craft to reach the moon, but it …

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Happy Purim: Celebrating God’s Deliverance

One of the most festive holidays in Israel kicks off this evening at sundown. It is called Purim and is based on the account of Esther and her cousin Mordecai, who together saved the Jewish people from an evil Persian tyrant. (Sound familiar!?!) I have actually been in Israel during Purim and can attest to …

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Iran Figured Out How to Pop a Wheelie with a 747!

Ok, admit...does this elicit a little giggle? It certainly does with me...particularly as we have prayed for the Lord to thwart evil plans of those who would do Israel harm. Seems like He is causing confusion in interesting ways!

Hamas Fires on Palestinian Citizens

What is life like in the Gaza Strip? Well, take a look at what happens when Palestinian citizens protest against Hamas: By the way, this gets absolutely no attention in the United Nations. Nor does the fact that Iranian-backed Hamas continues to launch missiles, riot at Israel's border and use women and children as human …

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