Serving in Gaza: An IDF Soldier’s Story

Discover what the IDF is up against when they respond to rocket attacks and other terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip. This is an insider's view of what the IDF faces. Enjoy! The Truth About Serving in Gaza From an Israeli Soldier

US Embassy Move to Jerusalem: One Year Later

Old City Walls of Jerusalem light up in honor of the 1-year anniversary of the US Embassy in Jerusalem Celebrations abounded in Israel yesterday as Israelis celebrated the 1-year anniversary of the US Embassy's move to Jerusalem! Here is how the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs featured the historic anniversary:

Can a Nation be Born in a Day?

Happy 71st Birthday, Israel! "But wait," you say! "Didn't we just celebrate that?" Indeed, we did! Yom Ha'Atzmaut...Israel's Independence Day...was celebrated May 8-9 in Israel because they observe a lunar calendar as opposed to our Gregorian calendar! Yet, by our calendar, we know Israel was re-born and became a nation again on May 14, 1948. …

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Israel: Then and Now!

Israel turns 71 tomorrow, and what an incredible transformation has taken place in that amazing country! Here are examples: 32 excited travelers will join me on a "trip of a lifetime" to Israel in November, and we will see the miracle of Israel with our very own eyes! Currently, the tour is sold out, but …

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