Jerusalem in Lights

Each year, for several days, Jerusalem hosts the Jerusalem Light Festival in which the city is lit up in lights of all  kinds.  The nations are invited to participate and this year’s celebration was replete with entries from foreign lands.

John 8:11-20 tells us that Jesus is the Light of the world.  How appropriate that His Holy City is turned into a a light fest a few times a year (including Hanukkah), to shine forth from the city on a hill!

Check out pictures of the Light Festival in this article.  A taste of Jerusalem!  Enjoy.

The Re-Birth of Messianic Jews in Israel

Wow!  I just heard the amazing testimony of Arie Bar David, whose father is thought to be an original Messianic Jew when the Jewish people began returning to Israel in the early 1900’s.

While I was somewhat familiar with Arie Bar David and had heard bits and pieces of his story, I had never heard the entire thing.  Particularly not from Arie himself!  This is an incredible testimony that I hope you can hear.

It is part of the Christ Revealed documentary, which only airs for a very short period of time.  Thus, if you are interested, I suggest you watch it right away.  The full length of this episode is almost 2 hours, but Arie’s testimony is the first portion of it.


Christ Revealed, Episode 5

Check This Out: Jews, Arabs and Christians Join Together to Bring Cheer

Only in Israel!

Check this out:

In case you’re wondering…it is a choir of Jews, Arabs and Christians, bringing cheer to a children’s hospital in Israel.  Notice the doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel joyfully singing and sharing love with the children!

Koolulam is a recent upstart in Israel that gathers thousands together for the simple purpose of singing!  It may sound simple, but they are bringing diverse people together in joy, unity and goodwill, and the effects are spectacular.  Tikkun olam!