God’s Faithfulness to Israel: A Guarantee of His Faithfulness to Us

Welcome to a new 4-week Bible study initially written to better prepare our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR group for an upcoming tour. For those not going, but interested in following along, welcome aboard! This 4-week study contains 4-5 lessons each week, and each lesson is meant to take 10-20 minutes, with a few “digging deeper” resources for those who desire more.

We are living in challenging times, and according to the Bible, they will only get worse as we see the world quickly setting itself up for the rise of the Antichrist and the coming of the tribulation. True, born-again, spirit-filled followers of Jesus will be taken out of here in the rapture prior to the tribulation, but it doesn’t mean we will avoid all evil in this sin-sick world before the rapture occurs. In fact, some of it is occurring now! There has never been a more important time for us to be reminded of God’s faithfulness. It will carry us through the evil and chaotic times ahead.

My prayer is that, as you discover evidence of God’s faithfulness in Israel’s past, present and future, your confidence in God’s faithfulness to you will grow, regardless of the challenges you face. In turn, your faithfulness to Him will be reflected back!

Enjoy the study…and if you’ve never been to Israel before, consider joining us on an EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR in the future!