Israel Shattering Tourism Records

November 16 was a big day in Israel.  On that day, Israel broke her all-time record for tourists in a single year…with still a month and a half to go!

The Ministry of Tourism reported 3.6 million visitors to the Jewish homeland since January 1, 2018, about 500,000 of them in October (driven by the Feast of Tabernacles).  Christian and Jewish pilgrims celebrating Passover in Israel also vaulted April tourism to over 400,000.

According to Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin, 10% annual increases in tourism over the past two years have made Israel one of the fastest growing countries in tourism in the world.  In 2018 alone, tourism has lined the coffers with over 18B NIS ($4.8 billion).

Dear friends, if you have never been to Israel, GO!  A 10-day trip there is worth a semester (or more!) of seminary.  Not only will you never read your Bible the same, but you will have a depth of understanding you never thought possible.  Walking where Jesus walked does something supernatural to a believer.

When you take your first trip, always go with a strong Bible teacher.  It will multiply the impact and give you bearings to be able to return on your own, if you wish.  If you are interested, I recommend:

Christmas is coming…how about a super special gift for someone you want to bless mightily!  Parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles and spiritual parents, send that young person you have been praying for!  There are trips designed specifically for them.  Visiting Israel is an investment that will pay dividends for the rest of one’s life!

The Life of Jesus Poured Out Through Israelis to Israelis

Unless you live in Israel or are Jewish and travel there often, I’m not sure it is possible to fully grasp what it is like to live there.  Even having been to the Holy Land many times, my finite mind is unable to grasp the fullness of all it entails when you live in the land of Jesus!

Today, I am making my best attempt to share a view through the eyes of two non-native Israelis, planted by the Lord in the land of Israel for specific purposes.  The first is Peter Tsukahira, a self-proclaimed Japanese American Israeli Christian who, with his family, moved to Israel many years ago to bring a Messianic congregation to life, and to minister to immigrants who arrive from Africa and elsewhere.  His story is amazing.

The second is Hermana Vilijeon, a native South African I met at Magdala on one of my visits there.  Trained as an archaeologist and part of the team excavating Magdala, Hermana also ministers powerfully to women of all nationalities, helping them know the love and care of our Heavenly Father.  She is one of the most compassionate, Godly women I have ever met.  (Also included is a brief look at Magdala and a 1st century synagogue where Jesus undoubtedly taught.)

You will meet these two in the video below, Episode 7 of the 9-part docu-drama, Christ Revealed.  As Peter states, “Jesus is being worshiped in His own land by His own people in His own language!  That hasn’t happened since the book of Acts!”  But it is happening at Peter’s church and through the ministry of Hermana!

Peter Tsukahira’s interview is the first 40-minutes of the video below, and Herman’s interview commences at the 1:20:00 mark.  (An interview with philosopher, Mark Koukl, airs in between.  It is deep and philosophical, so if that’s your thing, enjoy.)  Why not carve out some time this long weekend to be blessed, then pray for the ministries of these humble servants of the Lord!

Let’s Go to the Galilee!

Hi friends!  Some of you have been to Israel…many of you have not.  So, let’s take a very quick trip together!  Close your eyes and imagine the Sea of Galilee, around which over 75% of Jesus’ ministry took place.  Can you picture it?

Now, get a glimpse of that place and imagine Jesus teaching parables, healing people and walking on water:


Enjoy your weekend!  Shabbat shalom!

“Christ Revealed” – #1 Rated Christian Documentary Available Online

Image result for christ revealed

Hi everyone!

I am anxious to view Christ Revealed, a 9-part documentary filmed primarily onsite at many locations in Israel.  The film will take you on a faith-building journey through the land, with some of the world’s foremost experts on Israel’s history, her hidden treasures, and of course, astounding evidence about the validity of Christ and the resurrection.  (For example, Episode 1 promises to take you inside the Garden Tomb, where Jesus was buried!)

Over 20 highly-acclaimed experts will guide us on this spiritual journey.  Though I have not seen it yet, I am familiar with most of those associated with the project and trust that it will be Biblically accurate.  Some of those involved are:

  • Mike Huckabee – strong Christian conservative, former Governor of Arkansas, former Presidential candidate and one of our nation’s foremost supporters of Israel.
  • Amir Tsarfati – world-renown Messianic Jew and founder of Behold Israel, ranking IDF reservist and arguably Israel’s premier tour guide.
  • Randall Price – theologian, archaeologist and author, holding advanced degrees in Jewish studies and Executive Director of the Center for Judaic Studies at Liberty University.
  • Tisha Michelle – Director of Exodus Israel (serving under-privileged children) and Welfare of the Israeli Soldiers, as well as a highly sought after Christian Israeli tour guide.
  • Hermana Viljeon – Christian guide and prayer leader at Magdala, a newly-excavated site in the Galilee region.
  • …many, many more!

Christ Revealed is available for free…but only for 9 days.  (Each episode is available for 24 hours and the first went live at 9:00 pm tonight, Eastern time.)  So, if you’re interested, act quickly!  (An email address is required.)

Christ Revealed