We Are the Generation

https://youtu.be/NqhE2pBGVvY Let this message sink in, my friends! We will soon see our King!

We are Ambassadors of Christ…Do Our Lives Reflect That?

How are you doing in your role as Christ's ambassador? Here's some insight from Amir Tsarfati: https://youtu.be/z4jqVeAds1s May your day be filled with light, and may it reflect to all with whom you are in contact! Spoiler alert: check back this afternoon, when we will share one of Amir's best teachings ever!

What Did We Think the End Times Would Look Like?

Oh how true...we yearn for Jesus to come, but we don't seem to be prepared to go through what leads up to His return! Take a look...does this describe us today? https://youtu.be/6_IEHBuO2KQ Indeed, it is time for the body of believers to grow up and grow together as we face the challenges of the last …

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Buckle up…We’ll Soon be Out of Here!