How is Tearing Down Statues like Replacement Theology?

Both want to re-write history! Amir Tsarfati's latest newsletter explains. Check it out here: Amir's Bible Bites - June 29, 2020

How are You Turning the World Upside Down?

Today, we live in a world aching for hope and yearning for significance. As believers we have a Blessed Hope and a Savior who values us enough to cash in His human life in order to redeem us from sin. The promise of eternal life with our Savior and Redeemer is before us. We have …

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All Israel Will be Saved!

If you have ever stood on the Mount of Olives and contemplated Jesus' return, you know what an overwhelming experience it is! It will happen one day. But, what must happen first? Be sure to check back Friday and Saturday mornings as we consider Israel's miraculous war history, and witness God's hand of protection …

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God’s Appointed Time

During a recent jog through the neighborhood, I decided to listen to a newly-released teaching from Amir Tsarfati, called God's Appointed Time. I've seen or heard most of Amir's teachings, but this is one of the most powerful I've heard, so I've got to recommend it to you! Unfortunately, the teaching was via podcast and …

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