Jesus: The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever

Have you ever stopped to consider that if God is not faithful to His people, we have no assurance He will be faithful to us? Aren't you glad He is faithful, and that His faithfulness transcends time and space? He loved Israel when He called them into existence, He loved them in their disobedience and …

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A Clue about Our Relationship with Jesus Christ: Are You Loved or Hated?

What does the Bible say about those who follow Jesus Christ? What does that mean for you and me? Here's a clue:

Desiring a Change? Here’s How! Find the full teaching, Who is Your Icon, here.

Who Do You Imitate?

The question is an important one, so stop to assess who you imitate. Do you have a Godly role model? Did your parents set good examples for you to follow? What about teachers...did you have any who provided strong encouragement by the way they lived? Everyone will imitate someone! Self-centered people will even "imitate" themselves …

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