I Stand with Israel!

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream has chosen to boycott "Occupied Palestinian Territories"...ie - Judea and Samaria (West Bank). I say, let's boycott Ben and Jerry's! Into the trash it goes...just as it did for this Israeli!

Who Wins and Who Loses when Ben and Jerry’s Boycotts Judea and Samaria (West Bank)?

If you haven't heard, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream is pulling out of "Occupied Palestinian Territory." In reality, it is a deeply anti-Semitic stance taken by the American ice cream giant. The alleged intent is to boycott Israeli territories as a show of solidarity and support for the Palestinians. But who really pays the price? …

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Juniper Falcon 2021 – Part 2

US Airmen and their aircraft arrived in Israel earlier this week in preparation for part 2 of Juniper Falcon military exercises with Israel. The biannual event “designed to test simulated emergency response procedures, ballistic missile defense and crisis response assistance in the defense of Israel,” began remotely in February and simulated the threat of ballistic …

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Did You Catch “Happening Now” with Amir Tsarfati and Pastor Jack Hibbs?

Hi friends! If you missed Wednesday night's discussion between Amir Tsarfati and Pastor Jack Hibbs, here is your chance to catch it! During the discussion, you will hear about what's happening in the Middle East, and the importance of understanding Bible prophecy. Take some time this weekend to enjoy the discussion! https://youtu.be/3WteqSNB3GQ