Coronavirus: Join the Prayer Effort

VISION 2020 Study Guide #3 Posted

God is writing stories in our lives, and writing us into His story all around the world, and it is our responsibility to discover what story He is writing, then share it with others! VISION 2020 is an initiative to get into God's Word to illuminate the story, discern the time and season in which …

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How Can You Follow Jesus and Support President Trump?

Hi friends! While I prefer to stay out of the online political fray unless it relates to Israel, I read a very well done article recently, asking the question: "How can you follow Jesus and support President Trump?" Before I share it, I will say what I have said many times: I am not a …

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What has America Done for Israel Lately? Thanks to the work of former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, the Trump administration's efforts in conjunction with the Deal of the Century, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's diplomatic efforts around the globe...and the grace of God who has faithfully blessed America as we bless Israel!