Iranian Bases in Syria Take Another Hit from Israeli Warplanes

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Reports are surfacing that the Israeli Air Force took aim…and hit…yet another Iranian/Hezbollah military base south of Homs, Syria.  It is believed that at least two dozen terrorists were killed and Iranian ground-to-air missiles were destroyed.

This follows at least two other unconfirmed airstrikes in the Deir ez-Zor region which destroyed two Syrian military posts near an energy installation.  The Syrian army and Hezbollah reported the strikes being part of a US coalition, though the Pentagon has denied reports of an American strike.

Israel has strongly vowed not to allow Iran to establish a military presence in Syria, from which to attack Israel.  Over the past couple weeks Israel has taken out multiple military sites and rendered many of Iran’s bases inoperable.

Friends, I truly believe the Lord is honoring the prayers of those who seek Him, and is granting favor to Israel and a last chance for America to right the immoral ship we are on.  Ultimately, Ezekiel 38-39 tells us what will happen in that part of the world, but until then, let’s be about our Father’s business!

Pray on!

Why Israel Matters – The Bible Study

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Never in the history of the world has Israel been more relevant than today.  Never in the history of the world has it been more crucial for Christians to understand our place in relation to the Jewish people.  Never in the history of the world has it been more important for the Bride of Christ to make herself ready for the return of the Bridegroom.

What we see in our world today confirms the Lord’s mercy and grace upon His people, but also represents the birth pangs Jesus taught about in Mathew 24:8 when referring to the last days.  We are living in an incredibly exciting time in history, yet much of the Christian world is uninformed or spiritually asleep at the wheel!

My passion is to know and understand what God is doing in these last days, and to share it with others who yearn to live as though Jesus will return at any moment!  To that end, I’m happy to announce I will be teaching Why Israel Matters, beginning Sunday, June 3 at CalvaryPHX in Phoenix AZ.

Why Israel Matters focuses on what God’s Word has to say about the past, present and future of His chosen land and His chosen people.  We’ll consider current events, such as the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the move of embassies to Jerusalem, the situation in Syria and the rest of the Middle East, and the US withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, in light of Scripture.

If you are in the Phoenix area, please take a 12-week journey with me, where we will focus not only on current events, but also on what the Bible says about:

  • God’s purpose and His 3-fold call upon Israel and the Jewish people
  • Jewish roots of the Christian faith
  • Principles regarding the land of Israel
  • God’s covenants with Israel and the ramifications for us
  • The return of the Lord

Here is all you need to know about the study, Why Israel Matters:

When:  11:00 am Sunday mornings, beginning June 3
Where: Room 209, CalvaryPHX Central Campus
Duration: 12 weeks
Cost: None
Nursery and Children’s Ministry are available for kids.
More info and Directions

Will you please do me a favor?  Come and bring a friend, or forward this information to those interested in this study.  It is my desire to see Christians excited about the Lord’s return, and preparing themselves for it.

Secretary Pompeo’s Iran speech: Tehran hated it. But most Arab & Israeli leaders loved it. So did I. Here’s why.

Wow….and Amen!

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Pompeo-HeritageIranSpeech(Washington, D.C.) — Iranian leaders hated it. Most European leaders hated it. So did most former advisors to President Obama and Vice President Biden, and most of Washington’s so-called “experts.” But this is hardly news.

What’s fascinating is that most Arab leaders loved it.

I’ve spoken with two very high-ranking Arab officials in recent days about the speech delivered by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at The Heritage Foundation on Monday morning. Both made it clear to me how deeply grateful and appreciative their countries are to the Trump-Pence administration for finally taking a bold, decisive, uncompromising position against Iranian aggression. 

One Arab official told me privately: “It’s like the world is sane again.”

After watching Iran be feted and praised and rewarded and appeased by President Obama and his team over the past eight years, most Sunni Arab leaders are rejoicing that the U.S. is finally treating Iran as…

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Hamas’ Determination to Demonize Israel

Last week, as many of us celebrated the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, Hamas was busy with an agenda of their own.  It isn’t a new agenda, but one they have implemented and advanced for decades now.  In fact, their charter of 1988 makes their purpose clear:

The Islamic Resistance Movement, also known as the HAMAS, is an extremist fundamentalist Islamic organization operating in the territories under Israeli control. Its Covenant is a comprehensive manifesto comprised of 36 separate articles, all of which promote the basic HAMAS goal of destroying the State of Israel through Jihad (Islamic Holy War).
~The Covenant of Hamas

Hamas recruited Palestinian citizens (mostly jihadist rebels) to riot at Israel’s borders, leading up to Nakba Day, the day Palestinians remember the “catastrophe” of Israel’s rebirth.  Thus, we have witnessed significant violence as Hamas ordered Palestinian people to storm the border.

The predominately liberal media has sympathized with Hamas, but is seemingly (though gradually) beginning to see a little more clearly.  Even the ultra-liberal Washing Post ran an editorial by Israeli Ambassador to the US, Ron Dermer, last week.  In it, Dermer exposes the lies perpetrated by Hamas.

The article is informative, and also includes a 3-minute interview with Dermer.  You will find the article and video here:

Stop Demonizing Israel for Defending Itself

In addition, Hamas leader, Yahya Sinwar just admitted that Hamas is coordinating with Hezbollah and Iran!  Indeed, it is Iran working the puppet strings of both Hamas and Hezbollah, and Iran who is likely directing the riots at the border between Gaza and Israel.  Click here to watch Sinwar’s admission.

Continue praying for truth to be made known, and the lies of Hamas revealed.  It is important, during this time of increased respect for Israel, to grow roots of strength in standing for Israel.  Ultimately, the day will come when doing so will be more difficult.  May your roots grow deep in knowledge and resolve!