Are You Identified with Jesus?

Important for Christians: Our Theology of Israel Cannot Contradict Our Theology of Salvation

Happy Sunday, my friends! I read a fantastic devotional a few days ago regarding theological consistency. Israel and our salvation are inextricably linked, and here is why!

Longing for the Day when Jewish Eyes are Opened!

In this morning's post, we followed Franklin Graham's family to Emmaus, the place where Jesus revealed Himself, and where Jewish eyes were opened to the Messiah! Let's stay with that theme. Check this out...

The Best is Yet to Come!

Bible prophecy is so cool!!! It gives us hope. Every time one is fulfilled, we can rest assured that every one will be fulfilled. Here is a very encouraging example of the prophecies found in Psalm 69. Read carefully...and enjoy! BTW - Our tours are run through One for Israel/Israel College of the Bible! …

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