When God Calls, Answer the Phone!

As believers, how many times have we prayed for God's guidance, only to be so preoccupied with other things, or so doubtful of what He really said to us, that we fail to follow through on His direction? Or, how many times have we simply just failed to answer the call? Today, my friends, be …

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Are You in a Season of Spiritual Drought?

Hi friends! I believe there is a word of encouragement for someone today. Even well-grounded believers seem to be in a battle to find spiritual equilibrium these days. Long church closures threw us for a loop, we had to learn to do church online for a season (some longer than others), and when we returned, …

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Eyewitness Testimony Brings Us into Fellowship with Our Father

Good morning friends! How about some encouragement from God's Word today! Consider this: https://www.facebook.com/oneforIsrael/posts/6706529986031570

“You Shall Receive Power…[and] be My Witnesses!”

Believing friends, God has poured out the Holy Spirit upon us and we have been given a mission: "Be My witnesses!" says the Lord. Are you living in that power? Are you a witness of the miracle God has done in your life? Here's some encouragement: https://www.facebook.com/oneforIsrael/posts/6647984198552816