Feel Pinned Down by COVID? Perhaps this is Why!

https://www.facebook.com/oneforIsrael/posts/5441415662543015 God bless you, brothers and sisters! Enjoy this Lord's Day!

“Take Courage, I have Overcome the World!”

I love the words of Jesus as He assures us of peace in Him! Despite what happens in this world, take comfort, friends. Jesus has overcome the world! https://www.facebook.com/oneforIsrael/posts/5475678979116683

True Unity Looks Like This

Happy Lord's Day, friends! As we journey into our study focused on the church and God's instruction to us in these last days, here is an important Biblical principle to apply: https://www.facebook.com/oneforIsrael/posts/5458001154217799 Indeed, may the Messiah's peace rule and reign within his Church! Have a blessed day!

Are You in the Furnace?

Happy Lord's Day, everyone! The times in which we live can cause us to feel like we are entering a fiery furnace. In difficult times, we must rely upon the truth we know: Jesus never leaves us nor forsakes us! Enjoy this devotional! https://www.facebook.com/oneforIsrael/posts/5428446550506593