Bringing Hope Today

Happy Lord's Day! If you are following, you know we're in the midst of a "tour rewind," looking back at our 2019 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR. We'll pick it up again, but today I want to tie in a special thought to one of the sights we just visited: Bet Shean. (Some pictures, including the one …

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Will the Thief in the Night Take You by Surprise?

If we are not seeing the stage being set for the tribulation, how do we explain the days in which we live? It's difficult to deny, and for some, it is a scary proposition. Now, of course, believers in Jesus will be rescued from that wrath that is to come (1 Thessalonians 1:10), so we …

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Today’s “Awaiting His Return Conference” Videos Now Available

Hi friends! If you missed today's Awaiting His Return Conference from Leesburg VA, you missed a good one! But you haven't missed it forever! The videos are now available...enjoy! Morning session: Afternoon session:

The Final Jihad

Hey friends, if you were unable to make it to the Behold He Comes conference at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, and you did not purchase the online streaming pass, you missed one of Amir Tsarfati's best teachings ever! It is called The Last Jihad, and good is now available! You're welcome!