How Bad is the Hatred Being Spread on College Campuses?

American college students are being absolutely bombarded by Antisemitism and hatred of many kinds or our college campuses.  Students are being brainwashed by liberal agendas of all sorts, but one that is significantly concerning to me is the work of “Students for the Justice of Palestine.”

Their agenda includes spreading hate and lies regarding Israel, and very actively promoting the BDS movement (among other evils).  If you have college-age students or know some, I encourage you to become familiar with what they face, and do whatever possible to guide them in a different direction.  Pray diligently for them, speak truth to them and encourage them in the Lord.

Take a look at what they face:

Yesterday I suggested taking advantage of Yad Vashem’s free online course, Antisemitism: From its Origin to the Present.  It is a great way to learn more about this Jew hatred.  Also, please pray!

Take Advantage of Yad Vashem’s Free Online Class on Antisemitism

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Hi friends!  I want to encourage you to take advantage of a fantastic opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the Holocaust (what led up to it, how it happened and the impact it had).  The Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum and International School for Holocaust Studies is offering a free online course entitled “Antisemitism: From its Origin to the Present,” and I highly recommend it.

In 2015 I had the tremendous privilege of attending a Christian Leaders Seminar at Yad Vashem, where I sat under the teaching of the world’s experts on Holocaust study.  The online course, of which I also partook about a year ago, was also developed by Yad Vashem staff.  It is very well done and, though you may not agree with every classmates’ comments, there is abundant opportunity to engage if you choose to.  Teaching sessions are taught online by world-renown experts, and you can access those teachings at your convenience.

The entire course is free, with no hidden charges, though there is an option to upgrade if you want a certificate of completion and unlimited access to course content.  For more information or to register, click here.  Why not jump in this weekend!  Enjoy!

PS: Check back tomorrow to find out why it is important to understand the issue of antisemitism and what you can do to combat it.

What is Anti-Semitism and What Can We Do to Stand Against It?

I recently read one of the most concise and well-written articles I have ever seen regarding Anti-Semitism.  It is a very thought-provoking, 2-minute read that I hope you will take the time to read.

Anti-Semitism: A Messianic Response

Let’s make those 4 things part of our everyday life!

Arab-Israelis Come to America to Combat the BDS Movement

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Last week I followed a very intriguing story.  An Arab-Israeli group, Reservists on Duty/The Minorities Project, completed a lecture tour on American college campuses, where the purpose was to combat the BDS Movement.

Hear the fascinating details from project coordinator,  Jonathan Elkhoury:

I find it ironic that, while America seems to unravel, truth-speaking Arabs are coming out of the woodwork to speak truth in a nation that was founded on the Word of God!  Sadly, America has lost its moral compass.  Thankfully, God is sending others to help us see Biblical truth.

Focus here is often on the special call God placed upon Israel: to be the vehicle of world redemption.  However, it is also true that God gave America a special role in history as well.  Why do I say that?  Because, in His divine sovereignty, our founding fathers established America on very firm Biblical principles, then grew us up to be a “missionary nation” to spread the good news of Jesus the Messiah around the world in a season of time the Jewish nation did not recognize Him.

Along with that, America served as a sort of guardian for Israel.  The US was the first to recognize the nation of Israel in 1948, provided timely military aid to ensure Israel’s survival when neighboring nations attempted to wipe them off the map, and recently moved the US embassy to Jerusalem after recognizing the Holy City as the eternal capital of the state of Israel.

Just as Genesis 12:3 promises, God has blessed our nation because we have blessed Israel.  Yet, we test the resolve of God when we turn against Israel, as though the promise does not apply in reverse.  Sure, those who bless Israel will be blessed.  But those who curse Israel cannot expect to get by without God removing His hand of blessing.  Indeed, we risk being cursed when we condone the BDS Movement or other antisemitic words and behavior.

Friends, pray for our nation.  Pray also that the Lord will continue to send “missionaries” such as Reservists on Duty, who will lend their voices and influence to combat things such as BDS.  Most importantly, pray for the Spirit of the Lord to send revival.  Personally, I believe the Spirit is stirring and there is an effort to bring about revival, but there is tremendous opposition.  Right now it looks political, but the reality is that it is not a battle against flesh and blood, or between political parties and candidates.  It is a SPIRITUAL battle that requires spiritual weapons.

We find those weapons on our knees, at the foot of the cross.  Meet you there!