In Honor of Yom HaShoah: One Man’s Story of Survival

While Jews around the world remember the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust, let's honor their memory by taking an inside look at this moving tribute by the IDF.

For Zion’s Sake – May 2019

Hey gang, heads up! Our monthly day of prayer is coming up fast in May! We're talking about the first Wednesday of each month that is designated as a day of prayer by those participating in the Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative. Tomorrow is May 1...the first get ready to pray! As usual, the International …

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Signs of the Times: Deception Abounds

A deceiver is in our midst, and deception is subtly (or not so subtly!) creeping into virtually every conceivable nook and cranny of society. It is no wonder we are warned in Scripture not to allow deception to find a home in our personal lives. At least a half a dozen times in the New …

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Our Jewish Roots: Where Do We Stand Today?

Friends, this is Day 3 and the last of our 3-part series focusing on rightly relating to our Jewish roots.  We are ending with a bang today, so pull up your chair and, with coffee in hand, join us at the virtual study table! I love studying and coming to deeper understanding of God’s plan …

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