This is Not Okay!

Day-in-and-day-out Israel lives with discrimination.  They are accused of apartheid and many nations of the world engage in the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) Movement against Israel.

But at times that discrimination becomes absurd.  Hatred of the Jews has become hatred of Israel, and extends even to Arab-Israelis!  Here is a great example:

Only a few weeks ago I was blessed to spend a day in Samaria (West Bank), where we witnessed Jews and Palestinians working side-by-side.  (See Jews and Arabs Side-by-Side…Despite BDS)  What a contrast in ideology.  Please pray for the spirit of the Lord to fall upon Jews and Palestinians alike, that each group would come to know the true source of peace.

From Jew-Hater to Muslim Zionist

Is it possible that anyone practicing Islam could be a Zionist?  Of course!  They are far-and-few-between but there are Muslim people who are supportive of the Jews having their own state and sovereignty over it.

Take a listen to Noor Dahri, a Pakistani Muslim and founder of Pakistan-Israel Alliance, committed to promoting peaceful reconciliation between Israel and Pakistan.  Then, let’s pray that Jews and Muslims alike will find peace, not only with one another, but with the Prince of Peace!



92-Year-Old Forger Tells His Story to “60 Minutes” about Saving Jews in WWII

Despite the French government’s collaboration with the Nazis during WWII, many underground resistance groups worked to save the lives of Jews in France.  One such resister was Adolfo Kaminsky who was proficient at forgery.  Through his efforts in creating fake identity documents, it is believed that at least 14,000 Jews survived the holocaust.

60 Minutes reported the story last night and the 13-minute video linked below contains the account.  Praise God for those willing to risk their lives to save the Jews!

How a WWII-era Forger Saved Lives, One Fake Document at at Time



Word from Jerusalem – September 2017

Welcome back friends!

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has published the September issue of Word from Jerusalem and its packed once again with great articles such as:

  • Wake up Call for America – focusing on the rise of Anti-Semitism in the streets of America
  • Christian Leadership Seminars – a report on the graduate meeting in Washington DC, which I attended
  • Remembering the Exodus – a story of 4,500 French Jews whose dream it was to reach the Israeli homeland in 1947
  • Jews from Belarus Make Their Way Home
  • Elijah’s Call to Pure Worship
  • Who Controls Temple Mount?
  • …much more

Read it here: