Nearing the End for Holocaust Survivors and Their Rescuers

Yad Vashem - The World Holocaust Remembrance Center One of the most moving places on the planet is the Yad Vashem Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem. The sprawling campus contains a world-class museum, a children's memorial, a research and educational center, a hall of remembrance, a tribute to the "Righteous among the Nations" (those who risked …

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Israel Mourns a Loss

Just days from turning 19, a Yeshiva student, officially in the military, but not armed or in uniform at the time, was stabbed to death late Thursday night by Palestinian terrorists. He was the grandson of a Holocaust survivor. He didn't riot.He didn’t throw rocks or firebombs.He didn’t send incendiary kites and explosive balloons.He wasn't …

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MUST SEE: A Holocaust Survivor Forgives

Romanian-born Eva Mozes Kor and her twin sister, Miriam, were severely tortured by the Nazi commando known as the "Angel of Death." Dr Josef Mengele conducted unimaginable "experiments" on children (especially twins) in the Auschwitz death camp. Hear Eva's story of resolve to beat death in order to save her sister. Perhaps just as miraculous, …

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In Honor of Yom HaShoah: One Man’s Story of Survival

While Jews around the world remember the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust, let's honor their memory by taking an inside look at this moving tribute by the IDF.