Deep Thoughts Regarding the Millennial Kingdom

Hi friends! I am passionate about the Millennial Kingdom, that time following Jesus' Second Coming to earth. We (believers) will return to earth with Jesus following the Great Tribulation, and will reign with Him during that thousand year period when Satan is bound. The Millennium will be such a joyous time. Today, I want to …

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Why Does Israel Matter?

The most important reason Israel matters is found here:

Understanding the Future – An Encore!

Hi friends! Have you even noticed that when you are studying a particular thing, the Lord sends the message in many different ways! Well, we have an encore to our just-concluded study that fits that category! We just spent several days studying to understand the future God has planned for us. The Millennial Kingdom will …

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The Truth about the Gaza Conflict

The talk of the day is about the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip into Israel, and many have asked what is going on. Particularly with a tour group preparing to go to Israel in November, I want to address the reality of the situation. A key question is "Why now, and what triggered the …

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