Hamas Fires Rockets at Israeli Synagogue

In a 24 hour period earlier this weekend, Hamas launched close to 200 rockets at Israeli targets, including a synagogue near the Gaza border.  Here is a report from the IDF:

The Israeli response to the rocket attacks was strong and swift as over 40 strikes targeting Hamas training facilities, weapons storage caches, launch sites and terror tunnels were carried out by the IDF.  Gaza residents were warned with leaflets before the largest wave of strikes on targets in Gaza since Operation Protective Shield in 2014.

Praying friends, please continue to pray for:

  • Safety of those living near the Gaza border
  • Diligence and perseverance of the IDF
  • Freedom of the Gazan people from the tyranny of Hamas

Watch an Israeli Patriot Missile Blow up a Syrian Drone

Image result for idf intercepts syrian drone

An unmanned Syrian drone entered Israeli airspace yesterday afternoon and was allowed to allowed to operate for 15 minutes while Israeli intelligence ruled out Russian involvement.  Following the delay, Israel fired a Patriot missile that intersected and destroyed the drone near the Sea of Galilee.

Want to see what it looks like to destroy a drone in midair?  You will find the story and a very short video of the missile “hit” on The Times of Israel website.  Here is the link to the article:

To Rule Out a Russian Link, IDF Waited 16 Minutes before Downing a Syrian Drone

Action on the Golan is becoming more and more prophetic every day.  Keep your eyes on Damascus Syria and that entire region as you read Isaiah 17:1 and Ezekiel 38.  The proverbial table is set…we’re just awaiting the Guest of Honor!

Israel’s Contribution to the Rescue of Thai Soccer Team

Very often, when disaster strikes somewhere in the world, Israel is one of the first on scene.  When search and rescue, medical or humanitarian needs arise, Israel has some of the best technology and skill to provide.

During the recent rescue of 12 soccer players and their coach from a flooded cave in Thailand, good communication was important.  Yet, lack of reception in the cave rendered typical communication devices useless.  But Maxtech, an Israeli technology company that has engineered emergency mobile communication devices, just happened to have a sales agent in Thailand who provided the few devices he had on hand.  Additionally, Maxtech software engineer, Yuval Zalmanov, immediately jumped on a plane from Tel Aviv to deliver more devices to the rescue effort.  Thus, Maxtech stepped in to the tune of $100,000 worth of radios that were used by divers and other rescue personnel.

Zalmanov was embedded with the rescue team, and he had this to say?

“On every rescue mission you need to coordinate the rescue team and to know at all times where they are, and what their status is.  These caves are very long, and you can’t send messengers back and forth through them, but the divers need to be in constant contact with their base so that everyone knows where they are. No other system could work here, except ours. It’s helping to keep the first responders alive.”

Read the story here.

Praise God the boys, their coach and all the rescue team came safely out of the cave.  But let’s pray for the Thai Navy SEAL who lost his life working to get oxygen tanks into the cave to save the boys.  Let’s also give praise to God for those in Israel, the UK, Germany, Australia, the US and many other nations who sent help.

It is sad it takes a crisis such as this to bring the world together in common value of life.  May we all be reminded to look upon others as the Lord Jesus did…with unconditional love and acceptance.