Expectant Syrian Mother and Her Baby Saved by Israeli Doctors

Syrians in Israel

Syrians cross the border into Israel to received medical care in Israeli hospitals. (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)

Imagine being a pregnant mother in war-torn Syria.  Your physician reports that a normal birth is impossible and he is not willing to perform a C-section that would almost certainly lead to your’s or the baby’s death.  What to do?

You travel north to Damascus, but are denied entry into the city due to heavy fighting in the area.  Your only hope is to journey to the “humanitarian gate” on the Israeli border in hopes of receiving life-saving treatment.

This is no made-up story.   In fact, this woman was taken to Ramdam Medical Center in Haifa, where a team of Israeli experts in high-risk pregnancies and deliveries perform the miraculous procedure that saved the lives of both mother and baby.

Read the account here: Israeli Doctors Save Syrian Mother, Baby who Came to Israel for Treatment.

Friends, the Syrian people live in dire circumstances.  Those fortunate enough to live through chemical weapon attacks are typically living in poverty and/or in bombed out buildings lacking power and sanitation.  Food is scarce in places.

Are we complacent in our comfortable surroundings?  Are we so “unattached” to what’s going on that we hardly give it a thought?

I’m burdened for the people of Syria, the Gaza Strip, and yes…even Iran, as they live under oppressive regimes.  Scripture teaches us (in many places) to pray for those in need.  Who will stand in the gap?  Who will pray for mercy?  Who will plead for salvation of those without hope?

I will.  Will you join me?

PS: Check back later today for more news on “Operation Good Neighbor”

“Israel is the best thing to ever happen to us Arabs”

Well, you don’t hear that very often, do you!  However, it is important to understand that there are Arabs who understand that Israel is not the enemy, and that perhaps the Jewish state might make a really good neighbor.

This Lebanese Arab Christian states:

I am not alone among Arabs in seeing the amazing potential that Israel represents to Arabs as a neighbor and a partner. I am however one of the few who speak out publicly. …Arab leaders could quickly find a favorable solution for the Palestinians if they so wished, but they choose instead to continue the hatred. I cannot accept that, and I refuse to be silent about it. I know that one dissenting Arab voice means little, but if a few thousand or even a few hundred Arabs similarly spoke up, Arab leaders would have much more difficulty hiding the truth from their peoples.

Read his entire op-ed, Growing up north of Israel: How I became an ardent Zionist

Certainly, I share these articles for your enjoyment.  However, the larger purpose is to exhort us all to pray.  The Bible says, Blessed are the peacemakers (Matthew 5:9).  This man is a peacemaker.  Let’s pray the Lord will give him (and others like him) great favor as they speak out encouraging their own people to be peacemakers as well.

“Father in Heaven, thank You that all are created in Your image, and that, ultimately, You call all of us Your own.  As You reveal Yourself to Jews, Christians and Arabs, please help us all to see You as the One True God who sent Your Son, Jesus, to die for the sins of every human.  We each need Your salvation equally.  Bless this Arab Christian and others like him as they discover the value of peacemaking with Israel.  May they speak clearly and with favor as they encourage other Arabs to discover the value as well.  In the midst, may they also come to faith in the God of Israel!”

An IDF Secret: Always Treat Your Siblings with Love!

Perhaps it is never more important to love your brothers and sisters than growing up in Israel!  Check this out:

IDF Paratroopers

Hope he treated her well growing up!!!

Today is a day of prayer for Israel.  Why not put everything aside for a moment to pray for the young men and women in the Israel Defense Forces.  They are given incredivle responsibility at very young ages!  (Pray for our American military heroes while you’re at it!)

For Zion’s Sake – March 2018

Image result for Isaiah 62 Prayer initiative

It’s first Wednesday, so let’s dive right into the Isaiah 62 Prayer Initiative!  If praying regularly for Israel is not part of your regular practice, may I suggest that you consider what it means to be a watchman who takes no rest, and gives God no rest, until He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth?  (Isaiah 62:6-7)

Isaiah 62 has 12 verses, so we focus on one each month.  Today, verse 3 will serve as our key verse.

PROCLAIM: You will also be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God.  (Isaiah 62:3)

PRAISE: Lord, Your crowning gift to us is salvation through Jesus, the Messiah, who was given to us through Your people Israel.  We praise You.  Encircle us now with Your majesty and with Messiah’s glorious presence.  Amen.

PONDER:  This verse mentions two crowns, two hands and two names of God.  “A crown of glory in the hand of the LORD,” in Hebrew, infers to a beautifully ornamented crown, designed to encircle the head of royalty.  The hand is open, signifying power.  It is Yahweh’s hand, the hand of the Eternal One.  “A royal diadem in the hand of your God,” in Hebrew, is a type of crown which is actually a cloth that is wrapped around the head, like a turban.  This diadem is in the curved, powerful palm of Elohim, God Almighty.  The Almighty One hears our prayers, and promises that one day, His powerful hand shall open, and on display there will be the emblem of His kingdom.  It is none other than Jerusalem – gleaming, embellished and glorious.  Let Him her us now.

PRAY:  Click here for this month’s specific prayer points.  You will join thousands from around the world, bowing together at the throne of our God on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people.

Be a faithful watchman!