ICEJ Vice President David Parsons Talks about the US Embassy Move

By now you know that President Trump has announced the US will move the embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May.  Despite threats of turmoil and retaliation from Arabs and Palestinians, Trump made good on a campaign promise.

But did you know the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 ordered the US Embassy to be situated in Jerusalem no later than May 31, 1999?  In fact, the law actually stipulated 3 things:

Jerusalem Embassy Act - 3 Stipulations

President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as well as his announcement that the embassy will be moved to Jerusalem were simply fulfillment of law that Congress passed 23 years ago!  (See a copy of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 here.)

But how did the law originate?  In the 1990’s, David Parsons (who is now a Vice President and Senior Spokesperson for ICEJ), drafted the bill, including the three specific points noted above.  The bill changed somewhat (including the provision of presidential waivers) before being passed by Congress in 1995.  But it was almost a quarter century later when President Trump finally did what no other president had the courage to do: fulfill the provisions of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995!

Recently, David Parsons was interviewed by CBN, where he discussed the significance of the recent presidential pronouncements.  Take time to view the 6 1/2-minute interview here and read the story here.


Mike Pence at AIPAC: “We Stand with Israel Today, Tomorrow and Forever!”

In typical Mike Pence style, our Vice President stood before the appreciative AIPAC crowd to proclaim greetings and promises from President Trump, America’s unwavering support of Israel, and Old Testament blessings that every good Jew would recognize!  He has a way of connecting with his audience, particularly when it comes to Israel!

He alluded very specifically to the work of US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, of whom he said, “President Trump promised to stand up for the state of Israel and antisemitism on the world stage.  With Ambassador Nikki Haley on the job, the days of Israel bashing at the United Nations are over!”

Regarding the Trump administration’s soon-to-be-announced peace plan, he warned that it will require compromise on each side, but stated clearly: “The United States of America will never compromise the safety and security of the Jewish state of Israel.”

Toward the end, when talking about Israel’s miraculous re-birth and survival, he quoted a portion of “Shehecheyanu” in both English and Hebrew:

(Our God)  has given us life, sustained us, and allowed us to reach this day.
Shehecheyanu v’kimanu v’higianu las ‘man hazah.

Indeed, connecting with the American-Jewishness of the crowd!

You can watch VP Pence’s entire 21-minute speech here:

Real Action Set to Start in Juniper Cobra 2018

Image result for juniper cobra 2018

In early February, American troops began arriving in Israel for the biennial Juniper Cobra 2018 military exercises, simulating defense against missile attacks.  Troops and equipment have arrived and extensive preparations are complete.  Real action in the joint exercises is scheduled to begin Sunday, March 4 and continue through March 15.

You will find more information about Juniper Cobra 2018 on the IDF’s official website.  Click here.

Particularly with all that is going on in the Middle East, let’s pray for both Israeli and American service members who are honing their skills.  Pray, also, for the commanders who lead the charge.  They need God’s wisdom in determining the best use of resources and opportunities.  Finally, let’s pray consistently for the Commanders in Chief.  In the United States, that is President Trump, and in Israel it is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  It is these two men who must ultimately make the very difficult decisions about how and when to commit their nations’ troops to military action.

Be a prayer warrior!

Opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem to Coincide with Israel’s 70th Birthday!

In one of the most astounding moves of his presidency, President Trump announced in a speech this morning that the US Embassy will move to Jerusalem in May, to coincide with Israel’s 70th birthday!

The move will be a temporary move to the current Consulate General’s location in the Arnona neighborhood.  Plans for a more permanent embassy building are still in the works.

The story is developing, but you can read more info at:

Pray for wisdom for our leaders and those around the world.  This will almost assuredly cause an uproar in certain Islamic nations.