Israel: A Treasure Box of Promises!

When I think of Bible prophecy, my mind often goes to current news events such as chaos in Syria or the coalition-building efforts between Russia, Iran and Turkey. But there are so many other Bible prophecies being fulfilled in our day! For example, Israel has seen drought conditions in recent years, but has received substantial …

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2 IDF Soldiers Killed in Terrorist Attack Earlier Today

Sad news out of Israel today.  Please pray for these soldiers' families. 2 IDF Soldiers Killed in Shooting Attack in West Bank

“Hamas is Not a Terrorist Group!”

Yes, I know we are celebrating the festive Hanukkah season, but unfortunately ridiculous news in the Middle East does not take a holiday! The UN General Assembly is scheduled to vote today on a resolution condemning Hamas for firing rockets at Israeli citizens, demanding an end to the incessant violence.  However, according to Palestinian Authority …

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An Israeli-Palestinian Contrast

Yesterday morning, a Palestinian terrorist bound and executed two people, just for being Jews.  It was pointless, and so sad for the families who lost loved ones. That happened in the West Bank. Thus, it would be somewhat logical to think that Jewish presence in the West Bank is not safe or advised.  But there …

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