God’s Hand of Protection over a Jewish Family in Ashkelon

Last week, rockets rained down on Israeli towns and villages near the Gaza Strip, as Hamas fired off over 400 rockets in a single day.  (The most ever in the long-standing rocket war from Gaza.)

Thankfully, despite the heavy barrage, not a single Jewish Israeli life was lost (though one Arab Israeli was sadly killed by a rocket).  Year-after-year rockets are fired, but year-after-year there are incredibly few casualties. 

To fully understand the miracle, you must consider the proximity of Jewish towns and cities to the Gaza Strip.  Several are easily within 5 miles of the border with Gaza, giving residents virtually no time to seek shelter once a rocket is launched.  Furthermore, for the most part, we are not talking about remote homes that may be difficult to target and hit.  We are talking about well-established villages with fairly densely populated neighborhoods.

If you have ever thrown a ball or fired a weapon, you know that large targets at short distances greatly increase your likelihood of success.  Yet thousands of rockets over the years, at nearby, relatively large targets have yielded extremely few casualties.

How is that so?  

It can be explained only one way: the protective hand of the Lord. In fact, in 2014, even the terrorists recognized God’s intervention on behalf of His chosen people.  

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This past week produced other very specific examples of God’s hand of protection.  One instance is of a Jewish family who decided that fateful night to pull a mattress into the safe room and sleep there “just in case.”  Check this out:

God never ceases to amaze me!  How about you?

Why is Gaza Such a Problem?

Following intense action over the past couple days in and near the Gaza Strip, questions such as these arise: “What’s the deal with Gaza, and why are they such a problem?”

Questions such as those are answered in a very timely article written by Susan Michael, Director of ICEJ-US branch.  Find those answers in Why is Gaza Such a Problem?


Developing: Israeli Ground Attack Takes Out Hamas Commander

I’m following news out of Israel, indicating a top Hamas commander was killed Sunday night in the Gazan city of Khan Younis.  Several other lower-ranking Hamas terrorists were killed in the attack as well.

(Mahmud Hams/AFP)

Typically, Israeli strikes are in response to aggressive acts such as rocket launches, incendiary kites or border skirmishes from the Gaza Strip.  However, there are conflicting reports as to what led up to this attack.  Hamas and Islamic Jihad (often at the prodding of Iran) have consistently initiated terror activity at Gaza’s border with Israel, and some reports cite that violence as the initiating factor in this incident.

Reports on the opposite end of the spectrum are suggesting this was a planned assassination by Israeli special forces.  Facts remain to be seen.  Regardless, reports are that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is returning early from an official state visit to Paris.

Stay tuned…such activity could mark the beginning of the next round of birth pangs.

Netanyahu Responds to Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre

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It has happened again…another armed gunman entered a public place and opened fire.  This time, it was a Pittsburgh synagogue, hosting three different Jewish groups for Shabbat services.  Apparently the gunman vowed “I’m going in” on social media, entered the synagogue uttering antisemitic comments and opened fire on the Tree of Life congregation.

Benjamin Netanyahu immediately released this statement:

Let’s join thousands around the world in praying for the Jewish families impacted by this morning’s attack.  Pray, also, for our nation.  We are witnessing the unraveling of our society and are in need of a wide-sweeping spiritual revival.  Now is the time to pray.  Will you join me?