Israel to Citizens in Gaza: “Hamas is Exploiting You!”

In the midst of being incited to rioting and violence by Hamas, Palestinian citizens are being warned by Israel that Hamas is exploiting them.

How is Hamas exploiting the Palestinians?  In many ways, but one way is by sending young people to the border with Israel, only to hide Hamas operatives behind them.

See The Times of Israel article: After riots, Israel tells Gazans: Hamas is exploiting you!

An Insider’s Commentary on the Destruction of Hamas Tunnels

Last Saturday night (January 13, 2018) Israeli Air Force jets launched an attack on a terror tunnel at the Keren Shalom Crossing on the border between Gaza, Israel and Egypt.  The tunnel, confirmed to have been built by Hamas, was dug beneath significant infrastructure meant to provide Gaza residents with water, gas and oil from Israel.

This crossing is the primary entry point for literally tons of humanitarian materials provided by Israel.  Each day hundreds of trucks deliver tons of aid such as building materials, medical supplies, food and clothing via the Keren Shalom Crossing.  Each time terrorist activity takes place at the border, the gates are closed, preventing much-needed aid to Gaza citizens.

Listen to IDF spokesman, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, on-site just above the tunnel, as he describes discovering and dismantling it:

What did Israel do in 2017? What did the PA do in 2017?

What did Israel do in 2017?  A lot…check out a few of the accomplishments:


What did the Palestinians do in 2017?  Here’s a short list:

Palestinian 2017

Read here to find out just how much the Palestinian Authority paid terrorists in 2017.  Hint: every Palestinian kid could have a much better life if those funds were spent in their best interest!  Will you pray for those children?

BREAKING NEWS: Jordan captures ISIS cell plotting “massive” terror attack on the kingdom. News comes as White House announces VP Pence will soon visit Jordan as well as Egypt and Israel.

More interesting Middle East news today. Take a look at Joel Rosenberg’s latest post…

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog


Jordanian intelligence and security officials have just announced that they recently captured a cell of 17 Islamic State operatives allegedly plotting to launch catastrophic attacks to destabilize the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The dramatic series of arrests were actually made in November and are only now being made public.

The news of the disruption of the chilling and “massive” ISIS plot comes just as the White House announced that Vice President Mike Pence is coming to the epicenter this month and will visit not only Egypt and Israel but Jordan, as well. Counter-terrorism will be a key element of the V.P.’s policy agenda.

Let me just say as someone who has traveled to Jordan at least ten times over the past decade — including four times in the past eighteen months — I’m deeply encouraged (and relieved) that Jordanian officials identified the plot and were able to deal with it…

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