Amir’s Bible Bites: God’s Word to the Gentiles

Hey Gentile friends! Did you know God made special effort to speak to you and me? Indeed, Scripture confirms that in multiple places. However, perhaps never more obvious than in one particular place. Find out where:

Understanding the Future

Greetings, study friends! We're heading into the final week of Understanding the Times. We began by asking, "Why is it important to understand the times?" Then we broke it down to look at the past and ask, "What lessons can we learn?" Last week, in looking at the present, we asked, "How Close are We?" …

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Part 4 – Understanding the Present: How Close are We?

Week 3 of Understanding the Times Arguably, the most important sign of the last days is expressed in the parable of the fig tree, recorded in Matthew 24:32-35. In it, the fig tree represents Israel, and putting forth leaves is representative of Israel's re-birth in 1948. Israel MUST be back in the land in order …

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Signs of the Times – January 2019

Birth pains come and birth pains go. But when they return, they are always a bit stronger. They signal that something dramatic is about to happen. In Jesus' day, rather than discerning what was right before their very eyes (the Messiah), they asked for signs. Jesus rebuked them, saying: "When it is evening, you say, …

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