More and More Arab Israelis Speaking Out Positively about Israel

In the wake of Beware of the Media Spin, here is a very positive perspective... Miraculously, many in the Arab world are beginning to speak out boldly in support of Israel. Arab Israelis are voicing strong defense of the distinct advantages Arabs have as citizens of Israel. This very passionate Arab Israeli shares his perspective:

Must See: Sara’s Story

In today's Middle East, it is unusual to find peace and harmony between Arabs and Jews, though it does exist if you carefully seek them out! There are Muslim Arabs living freely in Israel and understand the advantages they have. Unfortunately, rogue governments of many Arab nations and terrorist group brainwash their citizens (including children) …

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“Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai,” Spoken by an Arab!

It's the phrase King Jesus will hear His chosen people say when they invite Him to return! (See Welcome the King Home) But, we don't often hear it uttered through the mouth of an Arab! Find out how this Arab met the Jewish Messiah! Enjoy! [Video was taken down by Facebook.] Praise God His love …

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Good News for Christians in the Middle East

New Christian church recently opened in Egypt For centuries, Christians were oppressed and threatened in much of the Middle East. In recent years, ISIS martyred or scattered Christians as they marched across Iraq and Syria. However, with greater cooperation in the Arab world and ISIS nearly completely defeated, pockets of safety and security for Christians …

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