Arab-Israeli Christian Gives up His Life to Save Orthodox Jews

When this story broke over a couple weeks ago, details regarding the Israeli police officer who courageously charged terrorists in order to save lies was unknown. As the investigation began, it became clear that the hero was an Arab-Israeli Christian, and he had just saved the lives of Orthodox Jews!

It is true…the Holy Spirit moves in Israel. While relatively few Israelis have met the Messiah, there are more than we likely know of. Beyond that, though, Arab-Israelis (Arabs living in Israel) make up the largest number of Christians in Israel! In fact, on our Israel trips, we make it a point to visit an Arab pastor whose congregation is very active in Nazareth, and a dear Palestinian pastor whose congregation also pours out the love of Jesus! Most often, Arab and Palestinian Christians are passionate about their faith, and their lives reflect the love of Jesus. This officer was no exception!

When you pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122), please include the mixed communities where Jews, Arabs and Palestinians live peacefully among one another, but are often attacked (such as this example) by terrorists whose sole purpose is to kill Jews.

Check out this story of Amir Khoury, the Arab-Israeli police officer who saved the lives of Orthodox Jews:

Here is how the Orthodox Jewish community of Bnei Brak (where the incident occurred) turned out to honor this hero:

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