Netanyahu’s 70th Anniversary Greeting and President Trump’s Well Wishes

Image result for israel's 70th anniversaryAt sundown tonight (which it already is in Israel!) Jews worldwide will celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday!  Independence Day celebrations will take place in parks and nature reserves across the country, and the Israeli Air Force will fly over many cities as Israelis enjoy BBQ’s and family fun.

I know what you’re thinking…”But, I thought Israel’s Independence Day was May 14, 1948!”  I addressed that earlier today…you’ll have to check this post for answers to that dilemma!

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed his people, and those around the world, in an upbeat message, and President Trump tweeted his well wishes to Israel:

Trump - Happy 70th to Israel

Protests on Israel’s Border, and Now the War of Words

Image result for hamas leaders lead riot

Hamas leaders, Yahya Sinwar and Ismail Haniyeh (previous photo), are inciting Gazans to riot.  (AFP Photo/Mahmud Hams)

Hamas leaders continue insisting that the riots on Israel’s border with Gaza are “peaceful demonstrations.”  Now Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has jumped into the fray, accusing the IDF of massacring Gazans.

I can summarize it no better than Amir Tsarfati did in his post yesterday, entitled Netanyahu Defends “Most Moral Army in the World” .  PM Netanyahu returned very strong statements to Erdogan, implying that perhaps this is how April Fool’s Day is celebrated in Ankara (the Turkish capital).

I encourage you to read it and, again, determine whose account of the border events appear to be most accurate.  More importantly, though, pray for the spirit of God to work in that region.  This is not a battle between Israel and Hamas…it is a battle between demons and principalities, and the Host of Heaven’s Army.  While angels do battle in the heavenlies, it is our responsibility to do battle on our knees.  Be a faithful warrior!

IDF Releases More Info on 2007 Syria Nuclear Facility Attack

As you know, Israel has confirmed they destroyed a nuclear facility in Syria in 2007.  The IDF is now releasing additional information, including pictures of the aircraft and pilots who flew the mission:

Image result for Israeli pilots syria 2007 Image may contain: airplane

Image may contain: airplane

All photos credited to the IDF


The IDF has also posted an interesting article regarding the intelligence-gathering effort that took place prior to the attack.  Read The intel operation behind the attack on the Syrian nuclear facility in 2007.

Questions are flying:  After many years of neither confirming nor denying military action, why now?  Why over 10 years later?  What does it matter at this point?

I’m sure there is more depth to the answers than what I know, but my take on it is this: There is at least one other known nuclear facility in Syria, and Benjamin Netanyahu and other government officials have stated time and time again Israel will not allow their enemies to become nuclear-armed.  Thus, Israel seems to be sending a message to the world that, if necessary, they will take action against that nuclear facility as well.  Of course, despite the fact there are many nations and terrorist groups committing incredible atrocities in Syria, Israel will be castigated by nations around the world if they take action in Syria.  I believe they are sending a warning and laying down a level of resistance to those who will condemn them.

Pray for wisdom!  Israel faces big time challenges.  Do they attack and risk alienating their friends and allies, or do they sit tight, hoping the world community wakes up to the danger posed to Israel and comes to their aid?  I have a sickening feeling they believe the former rather than the later.  Regardless, these are trying times for those making critical decisions.  Please pray for Benjamin Netanyahu, his Defense and Intelligence teams, and those in decision-making positions.  Pray, also, that the US will continue to stand strongly with Israel.

Blessings, friends!

Benjamin Netanyahu to Mahmoud Abbas: “Stop Paying Terrorists!”

The AIPAC Policy Conference was graced with the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who enthusiastically moved around the stage touting Israeli successes over the past few years and how those successes are benefiting the entire world.  He also issued warnings to terrorists, before commenting on the deeply committed relationship between Israel and the US.  As is common in Netanyahu speeches, he also referenced Scripture!

You can watch his entire 32-minute speech here: