Why Isn’t there a Palestinian State?

Since the re-birth of Israel in 1948, conflict has reigned between Israel and her Arab neighbors.  The “conflict” has turned into the Israeli-Palestinian struggle over who has rights to the land.  Recently, following President Trump’s public recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the Palestinian people were incited by their leaders to riot.

The UN would have us believe Israel refuses to negotiate a land for the Palestinian people.  In fact, they believe President Trump’s announcement now validates that notion.

But is that true?

Take a look and a listen to Why Isn’t there a Palestinian State?  Then, decide for yourself!


PS: The news out of Israel is interesting.  While national media outlets continue insisting that violence and riots are taking place in Jerusalem, I hear from those on the ground there (including the Old City) that conditions are relatively peaceful.  (In fact, they are entering the Old City without fear of violence!)  So, what gives?  Well, here is my take: When I see reports of riots and violence on the news, I do not recognize the scenes.  Not that I have seen every inch of Israel (though I am fairly familiar with Jerusalem), the fact that I don’t recognize any of those sites leads me to believe that violence is happening only in Palestinian-controlled areas.  (Another clue is the fact there is a very distinct difference in the cleanliness of Jewish areas vs Palestinian areas in Israel.  Areas shown on the news do not appear to be Jewish areas.)  Media outlets are also talking about violence in Jerusalem, while showing obvious footage of other Arab cities (such as Beirut)!

Therefore, my current belief is that the liberal media (typically sympathetic to the Palestinian position) is working to convince the masses that President Trump’s decision is sparking violence throughout the area, though the reality is that Palestinians and Arabs are simply rioting in their own areas.  That plays well into the Palestinian Authority’s game plan to convince the world that the Palestinians live in  severe oppression!

UPDATE: Here is an article that seems to concur: Trump Did Not Bring Jerusalem Crashing Down.

Praise God for US Ambassador Nikki Haley!

When it comes to the UN, no nation on earth has taken the heat Israel has.  Thankfully, this American administration has voiced more support for Israel than any other in history.  No one seems to articulate support of Israel any better than US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, and she did so at a special meeting of the UN General Assembly on Friday.

As Christians who support Israel as commanded by Scripture, we praise God for Nikki Haley.  I’m reminded of Esther who the Lord placed in a position of prominence (Queen of Persia) at just the right time to save the Jewish people.  (Read the book of Esther.)  Likewise, I believe God has positioned Nikki Haley in a place of prominence “for such a time as this!”

In typical style, Nikki Haley left nothing to interpretation as she spoke boldly and pointedly on Friday about President Trump’s position regarding Israel.  She said:

  • “The United States recognizes the obvious: that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.”
  • “Israel, like all nations, has a right to determine its capital city. Jerusalem is the home of Israel’s parliament, President, Prime Minister, Supreme Court and many of its ministries. It is simple common sense that foreign embassies be located there.”
  • “To those who have good faith concerns about the future of peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, let me again assure you that the President and this administration remain committed to the peace process. To those who do not act in good faith, to any person, leader, country or terrorist group that uses this decision as a pretext for violence, you are only showing yourself to be unfit partners of peace.”
  • “Finally, I will not let this moment pass without a comment about the United Nations itself….The UN has done much more to damage the prospects for Middle East peace than to advance them. We will not be a party to that. The United States no longer stands by when Israel is unfairly attacked in the United Nations. And the United States will not be lectured to by countries that lack any credibility when it comes to treating both Israelis and Palestinians fairly.”

She concluded her speech by assuring Palestinians that the US will continue to work toward peace that is advantageous to future generations on both sides.  It was a very powerful speech, reiterating to all that the US is committed to both Israelis and Palestinians when it come to peace.

Praise God for Nikki Haley!  View her full 8-minute speech here:

Amir Tsarfati’s Special Update on Jerusalem

Yesterday I shared some thoughts regarding President Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and I tried to provide some insight into the days, weeks and months ahead.  For many of us who love Israel, these are intriguing times and we want to know more.

If you missed Amir Tsarfati’s Special Update on Jerusalem on Thursday and you are one “wanting to know more,” I suggest carving out an hour to catch the update.  Being Israeli and speaking with authority vested in his military background and political connections, Amir is a tremendous resource when we want to know more about Israel and what is happening there.  So sit down, relax and spend the next hour soaking in what Amir shares.  Enjoy!

Thoughts on President Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem and Movement of US Embassy

Following President Trump’s announcements on Wednesday, many seem to be wondering, “What now?”

While the United States, under President Harry Truman, was the first to recognize the newly reborn state of Israel in 1948, no American president in the past 20 years has been bold enough to unequivocally declare Jerusalem to be the fully-recognized capital of the Jewish state.  That is, until President Donald Trump.

I was present at the AIPAC Policy Conference in March 2016 when then-candidate Donald Trump laid out his plans for diplomatic relations with Israel. Among his statements was this one:

“We will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem…we will send a clear signal that there is no daylight between America and our most reliable ally the state of Israel.”

He made a promise and he seems to be acting on it.  That is admirable, though he will still have his hands full in actually moving the embassy.  But at least he has committed to it.

But what can we expect in the coming days, weeks and months?  Well, in the coming days, I believe we can expect the Arab world (particularly the Palestinians) to act with violence.  Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is very adept at whining to the rest of the world about the “injustice” being done, while inciting his people to violence…without a word being said by the rest of the world who has bought into his whining!  Yet, “peace talks” have lingered since 1947, and the Palestinians have been offered incredible statehood deals in the past, to which they have always said no.  Examples:

  • Image result for british mandate map1947 UN Partition Plan: Though the British Mandate (1917-1922) declared the Jewish homeland to be the territory we know today as Israel and Jordan, by the time the UN Partition plan came along in 1947, the Jewish homeland had been cut down to only parts (primarily the deserts!) of Israel.  The Jews said, “Ok, we’ll take it,” while the Arabs said, “No way! We want it all!”
  • 2000 Camp David Peace Talks: President Bill Clinton mediated negotiations between Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, in which 97% of all territory demanded by the Palestinians was agreed upon by Israel.  (Only highly Jewish-populated areas of the West Bank were excluded and land swaps were offered.) Arafat said, “No way! We want it all!”
  • 2008 Peace Talks: Israeli PM Ehud Olmert was so anxious to culminate a peace deal that he conceded virtually every demand (including a Palestinian state AND a divided Jerusalem) of PA President Mahmoud Abbas.  (See this article!)  Yet still, the Palestinians said, “No way! We want it all!”

So, I’m not confident that President Trump nor anyone else will be able to close the “ultimate deal!”  Palestinian leadership simply does not want peace…they want Israel and the Jewish people totally eliminated, and they incite…and even PAY…Palestinian people to riot.  They also have the UN on their side, and that infamous body meets today to discuss the situation.  (Don’t be surprised to hear about UN resolutions condemning the US!)

That is what we are seeing today, and will see for days to come.  (A word of caution here: in general, it is not the Palestinian people who are the problem. It is Palestinian leadership.)

In the coming weeks, I’m hopeful that other nations will follow the lead of the United States by declaring their recognition of Jerusalem as the capital, and perhaps moving their embassies to Jerusalem.  The Czech Republic and the Philippines have made similar pronouncements already.  Also, Netanyahu has made huge inroads over the past couple years reaching out to nations in the Mediterranean, Africa and even South America to build diplomatic relations, and those seem to be working.  There are those who share hope with Israel!

In the coming months, I suspect we’ll see world leaders vie for power.  Trump is not well-liked in many parts of the world (particularly now) and America has definitely lost credibility on the world stage over the past several years.  In addition, North Korea is enough of a distraction to keep the US busy in other places besides the Middle East.

So who will rise to world power?  Could it be Vladimir Putin in Russia?  (Oh, how he longs for that!)  Might it be Emmanuel Macron in Europe?  Will someone else arise to become the world’s foremost power monger?

We don’t know, but I think the next few months might give us a clue as to where the pieces might land.  Make no mistake, Jesus could miraculously bring about a season of peace in the Middle East (though very difficult to imagine at this point).  Or, He may be setting the stage for the next grand event on the prophetic calendar: the rapture of the church!

Either way, He calls us to be ready!  Are you?