Israel’s Response to Fire Kites from Gaza

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Kibbutz Nir-am

In response to Palestinian fire kites from the Gaza Strip, the children of Kibbutz Nir-am had a response!  They floated balloons filled with candy into the Gaza Strip.

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The Hamas-backed Palestinian threat of launching 5,000 fire kites into Israel on the final day of Ramadan failed to match the expectation, though 11 fires set by incendiary kites were quickly extinguished by fire fighters and volunteer citizens.

Earlier that day (Friday), Israeli military aircraft fired warning shots at a terrorist group in Gaza preparing to launch kites.  A military spokesman stated, “The IDF views the use of incendiary balloons and kites with great severity and will operate to prevent their use.”

Israel is now using “re-purposed” radar technology designed originally to detect gliders to track down fire kites.  Drones are now being used to intercept incendiary kites.  Over the past 2+ months of the Palestinian “March of Return,” almost $1.5 million in damages has occurred in Israel (due primarily to fire damage to fields and forests), and more than 130 Palestinians have lost their lives, many of whom are members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad.

Image may contain: textThe battle is between good and evil.  Make no mistake, neither the Jews nor the Palestinians are perfect people.  But consider the principles in play.  One side launches a “peaceful” protest in which they hurl grenades, explosives and rocks at soldiers, burn tires and fly hundreds of incendiary kites and balloons into Israeli territory, sparking dozens of fires.  While the other side responds by sending “peace” balloons, filled with candy, into the Gaza Strip in return.  Which do you see as most peaceful?

Let’s pray for the “good,” and plead for the “evil.”  That evil is perpetrated by Hamas.  The citizens, particularly children, are brainwashed to hate Jews and encouraged to murder them.  Pray that the “good” demonstrated by the people of Kibbutz Nir-am provides opportunity for Palestinian young people to turn from the evil imposed upon them.

Pray for all to know true peace that only the Prince of Peace can provide!

What Can We Do to Support Israel?

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Here we go, gang!  We’re into our last summary of week 2’s lesson, entitled We Stand with Israel.  This is part of the study, Why Israel Matters, a live study I am summarizing for you online.  I hope you are enjoying it and I would love to hear your feedback!

We’ve answered some key questions about why it is important to stand with Israel, so if you have missed the past few days, scroll back through them to glean what has been discussed so far.  Today, we’ll finish off our key questions and wind down week 2.

Was Israel’s Founding Legal?

Great question to begin our day!  Some question Israel’s legitimacy, stating that they somehow stole the land from the Palestinians.  That is certainly what the liberal media would like for us to think.  But is it true?  Of course not!  History and international law are both on Israel’s side…not to mention God promised the land to His people as an everlasting covenant!  (Psalm 105:8-11, and many other places)

There has been a continual Jewish presence in the land for 3,000 years (which is not true of any other people group claiming rights to Israel).  After WW1, the land was controlled by the British, and a Christian man proposed the Balfour Declaration, suggesting the land be designated as the homeland for the Jewish people. The legal declaration was made later at the San Remo Conference and ratified in 1922 by the League of Nations (which preceded the United Nations), making the Jews claim to Israel legal.  In 1947, the UN ratified the UN Partition Plan which put into motion what was already legal.  In 1948, Israel declared statehood just as the British were withdrawing control of the land.  All was legal according to the world bodies entrusted to make such declarations.  (Israel was attacked the next day by 5 Arab nations!)

What Can We Do to Support Israel?

This is perhaps the most important question, now that we know why it is important.  Here are some ways to support her:

  • Get educated!  That is part of the objective of this blog and the Bible studies I write and teach.  However, there are dozens of other reputable sources, including Behold Israel, IsraelAnswers, and One for Israel.  (One warning: there are lots of “off the wall” websites, and several “big names” who’s theology regarding Israel is amiss.  Be careful…and be a Berean!)
  • Support Israel politically.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run for office…though you should do so, if called to by God!  However, all of us are able to communicate with our leaders and express our positions regarding matters pertaining to Israel.  Here is a great resource: How to Contact Your Elected Officials
  • Bless Israel financially.  There are ministries who do fantastic work in Israel and around the world on behalf of Israel…just be careful that you know what they do and what they believe!  Here are a few I know to be Biblically solid and have great missions: International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, The Joshua Fund, One for Israel, Behold Israel.  Each of these has incredible leadership and solid missions to bless Israel.
  • Above all…PRAY!  Prayer is vital to the Lord’s work.  It is our way of “seeing where God is at work and joining Him there.”  He puts desires in our hearts and, if we pursue those desires in prayer, He will lead us to understand what more we can do to follow Him in those desires.  Pray for Israel and watch Him grow your faith!

Supporting Israel is more than “just a good thing to do,” it is imperative in order to live in the blessing He promises to those who bless Israel!  As Christians, our roots are firmly planted in Judaism and it is in our best interest to grow in understanding of how we are to relate to Israel.  Stick around…we’re going to spend some time examining that thought in days to come!

Thanks for studying with us!  Though I post almost every day, we’ll pick up the study again next week.  See you then!

The End of a “Peaceful” Holy Month?


That was one of yesterday’s headlines in The Jerusalem Post.  But let’s examine some facts.

Today is the final day of Ramadan, a month in which Muslims pray and fast in commemoration of the revelation of the Qur’an.  Some insist that Islam is a religion of peace, that Muhammad was a leader of peace and that Ramadan is a peaceful commemoration.

Instead, what we see is this:

  • A “peaceful” border protest (complete with rockets, attempts to tear down parts of the border fence, plans to attack Israeli cities and towns near the Gaza Strip, and the discovery of more terror tunnels) that is now well into its third month.
  • The “peaceful” month of Ramadan, marked by a new-found means of attack: fire kites.
  • “Peaceful” payment to terrorists and their families who kidnap or murder Jews.
  • “Peaceful” speeches by Hamas leaders vowing to rip the hearts out of Israelis.

Now, the Palestinians will “celebrate” the last day of this peaceful month of Ramadan by sending 5,000 fire kites into Israel today!

What’s wrong with that picture?

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
~Isaiah 5:20

Meanwhile, in the UN, another resolution was levied against Israel for using excessive force in their ongoing efforts to contain the barrage of “peaceful” terrorist activities on the Gaza border.  Furthermore, when US Ambassador Nikki Haley proposed a resolution condemning Hamas for their incitement and backing of Palestinian violence toward Israel, it was voted down.  Absolutely ludicrous!

Hear Haley’s defense of her proposed amendment:


Answering Key Questions about Israel

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This week, the goal is to provide reasons why Israel matters.  We’re taking a look at specific things that confirm to us why it is important to stand with Israel.  I hope you are encouraged to know and understand the truth about Israel, as you won’t hear it in the media!

Today and tomorrow, we’ll answer specific questions, so pull up a chair and join us at the virtual study table!

Is Israel Friendly toward Christians?

This is an important question, particularly given the centuries of antisemitism perpetrated in the name of Christianity.  (ie – Holocaust, Spanish Inquisition, crusades, etc)  However, I can report to you that significant bridges have been built between Jews and Christians in Israel, and the general atmosphere is pleasant between the two.

Israel is the only safe place for Christians in the Middle East.  While over 1 million Christians have been murdered in the Middle East over the past 10 years, Israel preserves the rights of Christians and allows freedom of religion and worship.  Christians in the Jewish state vote, hold office and serve in the military.

Is Israel a Racist State?

Often accused of such in the media, Israel is far from a racist state.  All citizens, including Arabs, Palestinians, Druze, Bedouins and others, vote and have representation in the Israeli Knesset.  They hold elected office and serve in other government positions such as Supreme Court justices and leadership of the Border Police.  They receive school funding and state benefits, besides having better paying jobs and greater opportunities in Israel than in any other country in the region.

In Israel, you will find Arab doctors, attorneys, entrepreneurs, teachers, scientists, journalists and even a former Miss Israel!

Is the UN Fair to Israel?

Well, you decide!  Of the 193 member states, none have come remotely close to the number of sanctions leveled upon Israel.  For example, in 2014, Israel was sanctioned 20 times, while all others (including North Korea, Syria, Iran, etc) were sanctioned only 6 times (collectively)!  The same is true year-after-year.  Historically, the UN has been a tool in the hands of those who wish to delegitimize Israel, and has denied them the right to defend its citizens.  Double standards abound, but praise God for the resolve of US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, who stands firm in defense of Israel!

Is Israel the Obstacle to Peace in the Middle East?

Image result for carter preeminent obstacle to peace is Israel'sIf you take former President Jimmy Carter’s word for it, apparently so!  But, let’s not jump too quickly to take that opinion!  Despite many wars since Israel’s rebirth, not once has Israel instigated any of them.  They have been consistently attacked.  Furthermore, at least 5 times since 1917, the Palestinians have been offered land, including East Jerusalem as their capital.  They have said “no” each time.  As the famous quote says, “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity!”  But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it best:

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Indeed, Israel gets an unfair rap, yet they press on!  Pray for Israel.  As Christians, its our obligation…and our joy!  Join us again tomorrow as we finish off this week’s study!