Why Don’t we Hear about This in the News?

Currently, the UN is considering their annual sanctions against Israel, claiming all sorts of humanitarian atrocities.  One of the accusations consistently leveled against Israel is that they are an apartheid state, wanting to “cleanse the land” of all Arabs.

Anyone who knows anything at all about Israel knows that Arabs, including Palestinians, live freely in Israel.  They vote, they have representation in the Knesset, they have the same rights as Israeli citizens that Jews have, and Arabs hold important positions in government. 

Apartheid?  Cleansing of the land?  I don’t think so!

On the other hand, November 30 is a day of remembrance of over 850,000 Jews who once lived in neighboring Arab countries.  Take a look at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs recent video:

Bet you didn’t hear THAT on the news, did you!?!  Pray for the UN!  May God bless the efforts of US Ambassador Nikki Haley, Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon, and any who will stand for righteousness and just treatment of Israel.  Pray, also, that the UN will reverse course and condemn Hamas’ attacks on Israeli citizens.  Here is more info about that:

Be prayerful, my friends.  That is one of our responsibilities as the bride of Christ!


FYI – Hanukkah starts today, so tune in as we focus on the Jewish celebration of light over the next few day!

Trump Administration and Palestinians in Agreement!?!

“The United States, as we have said many times, cares for the Palestinian people and wants to help, but we will not empower a regime that launches attacks on Israeli kindergartens.”
~Jason Greenblatt (editorial, The Jerusalem Post, 10/19/2018)

It’s true…the Trump Administration and the Palestinians agree on something: Palestinian children should have the same opportunities as every other kid on the planet to become something.  So what’s preventing them from being very much like other children?


Jason Greenblatt is Special Representative for International Negotiations in the Trump Administration.  Check out his editorial in the Jerusalem Post a few days ago:

Trump’s Mid East Peace Plan a ‘Path to Change’ for Gaza

An Israeli-Palestinian Contrast

Yesterday morning, a Palestinian terrorist bound and executed two people, just for being Jews.  It was pointless, and so sad for the families who lost loved ones.

That happened in the West Bank.

Thus, it would be somewhat logical to think that Jewish presence in the West Bank is not safe or advised.  But there is a distinct contrast between the idea that Palestinian terrorists are out to kill Jews, and the fact that Jews and Palestinians work peacefully, side-by-side every single day.  It is a striking irony in the West Bank.

Here is a example of what every day life is like in at least one company in the industrial zone of the West Bank.  Watch for yourself, then try to find understanding in the contrast of relationship between Jews and Palestinians.

The Truth about Jewish and Arab Refugees

The US just cut funding to UNRWA and much of the world (particularly the Palestinians) are up in arms.  In fact, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will make a huge issue of it at the UN General Assembly later this month.

But, what is the truth about UNRWA, the UN organization created specifically to deal only with Palestinian refugees?  Here is some insight: