How Long Before Peace Deals between Israel and Other Muslim Countries Occur?

What's in the Israel-U.A.E Deal? - WSJ

Following the historic peace deal struck between Israel and UAE, murmurs of similar peace plans with other Muslim countries began seeping out. Today, we got our first clues of who may be next in line to make peace with the Jewish nation.

Will it be…

While constant streams of negative news flood the airwaves and internet, these are positive, historic developments. They also fit perfectly with the Bible’s description of what we should expect in the last days. These nations are not mentioned as those who will swarm into Israel to plunder and take spoil, as Ezekiel 38 predicts. Instead, they are nations who, “for some reason,” stand back and do not join other Muslim nations in the invasion.

But in this regard, keep your eyes on Saudi Arabia, who is specifically named (Sheba and Dedan) in Ezekiel 38 as a people group who will definitely look on and question why Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya and Sudan invade Israel. Why do Saudi Arabia and other moderate Muslim nations not side with their more radical Muslim neighbors?

Perhaps because they have peace with Israel! Yes, putting Saudi Arabia in that group of peace-makers with Israel will be an accomplishment of truly Biblical proportions! It is coming, my friends, and don’t be surprised if it happens before US elections on November 3!

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