Any Day Now! So, Finish the Race!

Oh what a journey we’re on! If you have followed through the first seven parts of our mini-series, Can You Hear Me Now, you are to be commended! I hope and pray it has fulfilled the objective I believe is from the Lord, to speak truth through His Word and to encourage you to be ready for what’s coming. Things will likely get very dark on this earth, but our hope…the Blessed Hope…is Jesus and His appearing in the clouds to take us to be with Him! The trumpet will soon sound and you don’t want to miss it! Can you hear Him now?

This is the finale of the series, though I will continue to post daily as I have for many years. If you missed previous parts of the series, here they are:

Believers throughout history have longed to see what we actually see with our very own eyes today. For centuries, Christians have longed for the return of Jesus. His own disciples asked Him about His return when they sat with Him on the Mount of Olives (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21). But never in the history of the world have all the end time prophetic pieces been in place at the same time, as they are today. As we discovered yesterday, birth pains are growing more frequent and more severe. Something horrible (the tribulation) is about to be birthed on earth.

But for those of us who have put our trust in Jesus Christ, He promised to rescue us from the wrath to come (1 Thessalonians 1:10). Hallelujah for that! However, if you have not put your faith and trust in the only One who can save us (Jesus Christ), you must do so now, or soon enter a wrath far greater than you can imagine. The Bible says that rejection of Christ means you will be eternally separated from God in a place called hell. Trust Him now! Here’s how.

Now, it is time to finish the race! The Bible tells us how to do that, and I turn to my very capable friend, Amir Tsarfati, to share with us how to do that! He begins by distinguishing the difference between those who see clearly and those who don’t, then he tells us how to be victorious in the final push to the finish line. Be encouraged…Jesus is coming soon!

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