When a Christian Girl Challenges a Jewish Boy

I love hearing testimonies of the incredibly unique ways God draws mankind to Himself...especially when a Jewish person comes to realize that "New Testament Jesus" is his long-awaited Messiah! Hear this fantastic story of the Lord using a Christian girl to remove the scales from the eyes of a Jewish man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ya0rfFYPeo

“I Got Touched by God and it Changed Everything!”

Can you imagine being so severely abused that dying sounds better than living? That was the case for Isik, a Muslim woman who grew up in radical Islam in Turkey, longing to become a suicide bomber in order to secure her place in paradise. That precious soul was saved, and Isik has become a major …

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Christians Sharing God’s Love in Syria

Hi friends! You don't hear these stories in mainstream news, but God is at work in incredible ways throughout the Middle East. For example, I recently read an account of Christians sharing God's love in Syria, and the fruit of their labor is astounding. Take a few minutes to read I Felt the Love, where …

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From ISIS Leader to Follower of Christ

Happy Lord's Day! To celebrate the love and power of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I want to share an incredible salvation story of an ISIS leader coming to know Jesus! Enjoy!