A Testimony of Peace in the Middle East

In November, a group of us will travel to Israel to see and experience Israel in a way most never will. Our tour is organized through One for Israel, who also operates Israel College of the Bible. As soldiers of the cross, they are on the front lines of bringing reconciliation to believers in Christ. …

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Two Views of Iran

When you think of Iran, what comes to mind? Terrorism? The nuclear deal? "Death to America! Death to Israel?" Co-conspirator with Russia in the Ezekiel 38 attack on Israel? Those are all legitimate views, based on Iran's behavior under the evil regime of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani. They are funding and …

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Israel’s World Class Water and Energy Technology

How do you make the desert bloom? How do you turn sea water into drinking water? Israel has the technology, and they are sharing it with the world! Here is a brief look at their water and energy innovations:

Sign of the Times: Gender Equality

Hollywood and Nashville's biggest names are on the bandwagon. School districts, cities and states are jumping on the bandwagon. Now Congress is on the cusp of driving the bandwagon home. The Equality Act, which has already passed the House of Representative, is on its way to the Senate. Just what is the Equality Act and …

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