More and More Arab Israelis Speaking Out Positively about Israel

In the wake of Beware of the Media Spin, here is a very positive perspective... Miraculously, many in the Arab world are beginning to speak out boldly in support of Israel. Arab Israelis are voicing strong defense of the distinct advantages Arabs have as citizens of Israel. This very passionate Arab Israeli shares his perspective:

Hezbollah Treading on Thin Ice!

Repeatedly, Israeli officials have said they will not allow rogue regimes such as Iranian-backed forces to operate on its borders. While the IDF hits Hamas targets hard militarily in the Gaza Strip following foul play from the terrorist group, the tactic seems to be a bit different with Hezbollah. Israel calls them out publicly! Here …

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Sights and Sounds of the IDF

It's a whole lot of little things that make the big things work! The Israel Defense Force is one of the premier military powers in the world. In November we will make a stop at an IDF military base during our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR. Come join us for exciting opportunities to engage the people in …

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Israel: “The Only Source of Hope that We Have!”

Each day, half a million Palestinian people go to work in Israel. They earn wages equal to their Israeli counterparts, and enjoy benefits unheard of in the Gaza Strip and Palestinian-controlled areas of the West Bank. Yet, in attempts to destroy the booming Israeli economy, much of the world keeps the BDS movement alive. If …

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