Can Jews and Arabs Live Peacefully Side-by-Side?

The Peace to Prosperity workshop has concluded and we are left with a key question: Is it possible for Jews and Arabs...or live peacefully side-by-side? I believe so, but only if governments and politicians get out of the way! Don't get me wrong...I'm glad there are efforts to bring peace to the Middle East, …

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Israel’s Greatest Secret

What was once Israel's greatest secret is becoming not so secret anymore! Want to know the secret, and how it is becoming revealed more and more every day in Israel? Check it out! Believers, let's be committed to pray for the Jewish people. Eyes are opening, hearts are softening and Yeshua is making Himself known!

How Israel Treats Her Neighbors

Tikkun Olam (making the world a better place) is woven into the fabric of Jewish life. Indeed, it is as though virtually every Jewish person has an innate instinct to offer help, even to those who aren't so friendly to them. Despite almost 700 missiles and rockets fired their way from the Gaza Strip last …

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