God’s Glory on Display in Israel

Our great God, the God of all creation, loves to display His majesty! The world He created is His canvas, and His created creatures are the works of His hand. His artwork is unmatched and cannot be naturally reproduced.

Perhaps it’s a biased opinion, but I think He loves to bless Israel with His most fascinating work! For example, Israel is perfectly positioned on the migratory path of millions of birds between Africa, Europe and Asia. It is a bird watchers’ paradise. However, some, like Eastern European Starlings, spend their winters in Israel, wowing their human audience while displaying God’s glory.

Israel: Living Prophecy

We talk about Bible prophecy all the time, particularly the seemingly at-our-doorstep prophecies of Isaiah 17:1 (fall of Damascus) and Ezekiel 38 (War of Gog and Magog). But did you know Israel is living out Bible prophecy every single day, right before our eyes?

It’s true! Since Israel’s rebirth in 1948, Bible prophecy has played out daily. Let’s take a look at how that has happened:

Dear friends, the prophets of past millennia clearly reported events that we see happening in the world today. Isn’t that incredible! Because of that, we can know the Bible is credible, relevant and 100% accurate.

In 2019 (and beyond!), I pray you will stand firm on God’s Word. Prophecy validates it and you can trust it!

Blessings, friends!

PS: If you haven’t heard, the Proximity: Awaiting His Return Conference is happening today in Southern California. (Featuring Amir Tsarfati, Pastor Jack Hibbs, Pastor Barry Stagner and Jan Markell) See yesterday’s post for more info.

Amir’s Bible Bites: What is the Rapture?

What an encouraging 60-second message to get 2019 started on a great note! Take a listen and be encouraged!

Beautiful Snowfall on Mt Hermon this Weekend

Yes, it snows in northern Israel!