“To the Jew First”…but is that Always a Good Thing?

Many of us who love the Jewish people often cite Romans 1:16 as a foundational passage because we are told the gospel of salvation was sent to the Jew first, then to the Greek (non-Jewish world). As Gentile believers, we are aware of later passages in Romans (and elsewhere) that make clear our opportunity to be “grafted into” that tree that bears salvation. But we understand that, initially, God sent forth the Gospel to the Jews, and that our Christian heritage rests upon a Jewish foundation! (For an interesting study about that, try Galatians 3:1-14.)

The Gospel going out the the Jew first is a very good thing! However, with blessing comes responsibility! It is not necessarily always to the Jews’ benefit to be “first!” Moreover, the blessing God gave us (Gentiles) in opening up salvation to us also brought responsibility, and the two fit very snugly together! Below is an excellent devotional that explains why. I pray it blesses you!

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