Jesus is the Bridge

Blessed Sunday afternoon, dear friends! I read an awesome devotional this week I want to share with you regarding the continuity between the Old Testament and the New Testament. Indeed, Jesus is the Bridge! Find out why:

The Uniqueness of Jerusalem – Why Do People Flock There?

Happy Lord's Day, friends! As we celebrate Jesus today, let's shift focus from the chaos and terror and consider God's chosen land and His chosen city. In fact, let's make today a day of prayer for Israel. Some guidance is provided below. There is no doubt Jerusalem is a special place. God created it so, …

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Standing with Israel in Prayer!

Hi friends! If you follow, you know One for Israel is a ministry mentioned at times. Their sister organization, Israel College of the Bible, coordinates our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL tours and I have had the pleasure of meeting some of their staff and taking classes at ICB. It is an amazing ministry, reaching Jews and Arabs …

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Jesus: “Come to Me!”

The virus beat us down, now we're coming back. But many are dealing with huge challenges. Some lost loved ones and had no opportunity to say goodbye. Many lost their jobs and are still struggling to recover. Teen suicide and drug abuse invaded too many families. Perhaps you have your own challenge. Are you weary …

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