Israel’s Greatest Secret

What was once Israel's greatest secret is becoming not so secret anymore! Want to know the secret, and how it is becoming revealed more and more every day in Israel? Check it out! Believers, let's be committed to pray for the Jewish people. Eyes are opening, hearts are softening and Yeshua is making Himself known!

When a Christian Girl Challenges a Jewish Boy

I love hearing testimonies of the incredibly unique ways God draws mankind to Himself...especially when a Jewish person comes to realize that "New Testament Jesus" is his long-awaited Messiah! Hear this fantastic story of the Lord using a Christian girl to remove the scales from the eyes of a Jewish man:

A Look Back at Shavuot (Pentecost)

Shavuot (Pentecost) is one of the seven major Biblical feasts commemorated by Jews since their days of enslavement in Egypt. It actually commenced at sundown last Saturday (June 8), but rather than interrupt our series on the Six Day War, I chose to delay this post. We have discussed the Biblical roots, yet differences, of …

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Can a Nation be Born in a Day?

Happy 71st Birthday, Israel! "But wait," you say! "Didn't we just celebrate that?" Indeed, we did! Yom Ha'Atzmaut...Israel's Independence Day...was celebrated May 8-9 in Israel because they observe a lunar calendar as opposed to our Gregorian calendar! Yet, by our calendar, we know Israel was re-born and became a nation again on May 14, 1948. …

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