Celebrating the New Covenant

Happy Lord's Day, my friends! What makes Sunday special? There are many potential answers to that question. For example, it is a reminder that we all need a day of rest...a Sabbath...in which our sole focus is on Jesus. (Hebrews 4) Thankfully, as believers in Jesus, we know that Jesus is our Sabbath rest. But …

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O Lord, How Majestic is Your Name in All the Earth!

Having just been to Israel, where we were captivated by His awesome presence, it seems only fitting to offer our Lord a sacrifice of praise today! Will you join me in doing so with Aaron Shust's new worship song, Majestic? Indeed, He is! Have a blessed Lord's Day! https://youtu.be/hRtyrIH8UBs

Emmanuel: He Came to Dwell with Us, and We Celebrate Him

Emmanuel...God with us! Friends, aren't you thankful God dwells with us? Not only did He leave heaven to dwell among us on earth, but he continues to dwell with us! Join me in worship of Emmanuel today! https://youtu.be/_VvmuyhbIUQ

Come and See what God has Done!

Under the star of Bethlehem, Mary gave birth to that blessed child of promise. What a glorious night, and one we should celebrate. But what if we extend worship from the night of His birth to all He has done for us in our lives. We have so much to be thankful for, if we …

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