Adonai Ahuvi – Lord, My Beloved

It's a great day to worship our Lord! Follow along here and pick up the words, then close your eyes and listen again as worship in the Hebrew language washes over you! Be blessed, my friends!

Lecha Yom – The Day Belongs to You

There is wonderful Messianic music coming out of Israel. Calm your heart and mind, click on the "cc" button (to activate closed captions in English) and worship the Lord together with Sheli Meyers. Happy Lord's Day!

Lift Your Eyes to Heaven

Happy Sunday, everyone! In the midst of world chaos, our Hope stands firm in Jesus our Lord. Today, let's lift our eyes to Heaven! Enjoy!

Yeshua is Our Messiah! Worship Him!

Happy Lord's Day! Worship Him with all your might and in all His glory!