Fighting the Battle of Righteousness and Evil

Welcome to the first full week of 2021! As 2020 grows smaller in our rear view mirror, there are great hopes that America and the world have better days ahead. Unfortunately, it seems the road we travel may continue to be rocky.

As we move into this week, it is as crucial as ever that believers take up battle stations and wield their swords! Of course, I’m talking about the sword of the spirit, used in battle against “the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” We must be fitted with the armor of God to not only endure, but remain victorious in the earthly battle between righteousness and evil. Take a moment to read Ephesians 6:10-17.

Anyone who fails to see that we are in a spiritual battle these days is simply spiritually blind. Righteousness is being attacked on every front, and the once-hallowed Judeo-Christian values of America are melting away faster than an ice cube on mid-summer day in Phoenix!

It is evident in society, in general, but I believe the tentacles of evil reach deeply into our most foundational institutions. Evil has infiltrated our government, our schools, our homes, and yes…even some of our churches. Case in point: “Reverend” Raphael Warnock, a professed Christian pastor, who is running for a Senate seat out of the state of Georgia. He outwardly, openly and boldly stands for abortion (as well as many other socialist, anti-Christian views). How can that be!?! But unfortunately, it is not so uncommon any more.

America needs the prayers of Christians in the days and weeks ahead, and Israel needs the prayers of Christians in the days and weeks ahead. Here’s why and how:

  1. The election run-off in Georgia tomorrow pits two of the most liberal, socialist, anti-Christian candidates in America against two conservative Christians who stand for the sanctity of life, religious freedom, support of Israel, and law and order. Evil vs righteousness. If both socialist candidates win, the Senate will be ruled by the socialist left. And oh, by the way…the same fraudulent voting machines and tactics that miraculously handed Joe Biden a “victory” are still deployed in Georgia.
    • Pray that God will thwart the plans of the evil ones and cause righteousness to prevail.
    • Pray for David Perdue, one of the conservative candidates, who has had to quarantine during the final days leading up to the election. Pray for health, and God’s favor upon him.
    • Pray for victory for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.
  2. The following day, January 6, a joint session of Congress meets to officially certify the results of the Electoral College. Expect political fireworks in Washington DC, as at least 140 Representatives and 11 Senators are expected to object to the Electoral votes cast in at least six states where results are contested due to mounds of evidence of voter fraud. Contesting results is nothing new, as Democrat Congressmen have objected (but not overturned) results in the past three Republican-won elections. Yet, they now scream “unconstitutional,” despite more evidence of fraud than in any previous election. Be mindful that every single Senator and Representative has sworn to uphold the US Constitution, which provides a solution to the exact issue of fraudulent results of elections. They absolutely have the authority to de-certify the election results due to fraud. If they fail to do so, our Constitution will incur a severe blow that may never be overcome. Many believe the efforts will fail, but it is God who appoints and removes kings and rulers, and we are right to pray for God to move on behalf of righteousness.
    • Pray for a mighty move of the Spirit upon all Senators and Representatives, so that righteousness prevails through the conscience of our elected officials. This is a HUGE “ask,” but nothing is too big for our God!
    • Short of that, pray that God will pour out grace and wisdom so that a new and different idea might surface in how to proceed through the quagmire.
    • Pray for the grace of God to rest on all people, regardless of the outcome.
    • Check out Election Drama: Headed for a Showdown…and What You can Do!
  3. This week (actually yesterday) is the one year anniversary of the assassination of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Quds Force commander, Qassem Soleimani. For weeks, Iranian officials have threatened “severe revenge” for the killing of Soleimani, vowing that not even the American president is exempt from “justice.” American forces have moved into the Persian Gulf, and Israel stands ready against attacks from Iranian proxies such as Hezbollah and other terrorist groups in the region.
    • Pray for peace to prevail. Iran knows, even if they are able to strike a significant blow to the US, our troops or Israel, they cannot hold a candle to the firepower to be brought by the US and Israel. But, what would China do? It is a very tense situation. Please pray for peace to sweep over Iran and the region, and over the minds of Iranian leaders. (Another huge “ask!”)
    • Pray for American and Israeli troops now on high alert. May God grant them supernatural wisdom, and may they be diligent to stand guard.
    • Pray for the Lord to unravel the schemes and to lay them bare before the eyes of our military intelligence.

Friends, will you make the days ahead a time of prayer? God told the people of Israel:

[If] My people who are called by My name humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

~2 Chronicles 7:14

Indeed, God made that promise specifically to Israel, not to us, but I believe in the character of God! His desire is that His people…both Israel and the church…would look to Him, bow to Him, call out to Him in repentance and in trust. As Christians, let’s set the example.

Finally, I am reminded of Abraham who remained standing before the Lord as judgment was about to fall upon Sodom. Abraham pleaded with the Lord that, if 50 righteous people were found, He would spare Sodom. Yet, knowing 50 could not be found, Abraham lowered the number to 45, then 40, then 30, then 20, and finally to 10. Each time, the Lord relented, yet Abraham could not be sure there were more than 10 righteous people in the city. (Genesis 18:22-33)

God is a gracious God and He hears our pleas. Will He relent at the righteous prayers of 50, or 45…or 10?

Prayer is Essential! | Calling Couples to Christ

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