An Added Sunday Blessing!

Welcome back for a second Sunday blessing today! I ran across this short devotional from One for Israel. It so clearly expresses my heart. What about you?

King Jesus Sits on the Throne Forever!

Are you weary of the election chaos? If you are a conservative, are you distressed about the status of things? Are you anxious or at peace? Dear friends, our peace comes ONLY from the Lord, our Rock eternal! He's the One in whom we trust, and He will keep us in perfect peace as our …

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Nations United by Prayer: Let’s Keep it Simple

What happens in America impacts Israel, the Middle East and the world. It is our honor, as followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, to pray. Iran, Russia, the Palestinians, the Muslim Brotherhood and others with evil intent are all rejoicing at the announcement that Joe Biden has won the American election. That should tell us …

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Putting the Election into Perspective

This election was (and still is!) BIG in American history. Never in our lifetime were the positions so starkly contrasted. Never was it any more important to vote our values. Never has the church been so important. In fact, if you missed yesterday's post, be sure to check it out: Election Anxiety? This is a …

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