The Latest from Hamas, Iran and Syria

Significant developments continue to unfold in the Middle East. Hamas and Fatah have resumed their on-again-off-again relationship, leaders of Hamas have visited Tehran, and Israel has responded to rockets launched from Syria into Israeli territory.  Steadily, the world marches toward a showdown known as the War of Gog and Magog (described in Ezekiel 38-39).  Here is the latest:

  • Just over a week ago Hamas and Fatah once again declared a unity government, uniting the West Bank, ruled by the Palestinian Authority (under the party name of Fatah), and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.  This is not the first crack at creating a unity government (see here), and only time will tell if it stands up this time.  However, specific Israeli stipulations for entering peace negotiations are that Hamas disarms, acknowledges Israel’s right to exist and severs ties with Iran.  Don’t look for successful peace negotiations any time soon!
  • On Friday, Hamas officials visited Tehran to discuss the Palestinian unity government, Israel and bilateral relations between Hamas and Iran (despite Israel’s conditions for negotiations).  New Hamas leader, Yahya Sinwar, blatantly stated Hamas’s intentions when he said:

“Over is the time Hamas spent discussing recognizing Israel. Now Hamas will discuss when we will wipe out Israel.”
~The Times of Israel, October 19, 2017

  • This morning, the IDF (Israel Defense Force) responded to 5 rockets fired into Israel from Syria by taking out 3 Syrian launch sites.  Couple that with a similar incident on Thursday, and Israel is on high alert.  Through an IDF spokesperson, the state of Israel issued this statement:

“Even if this is just spillover, this is an exceptional incident and the continuance of such events will be met with a more fierce Israeli response. The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm the sovereignty of the State of Israel and the security of its residents and views the Syrian regime as responsible for what is happening in its territory.”
~Behold Israel, October 21, 2017

Isaiah 17:1 warns of a day when Damascus Syria will cease to exist.  Today, civil war has decimated the city and rogue regimes are striving to control the arms (including WMD’s) known to exist in and around Damascus.  Israel, sensing threats from those who may get their hands on weapons, may be forced to take action to defend herself, which could trigger destructive actions by any of the above.

As we’ve discussed previously, the fall of Damascus leaves the pathway wide open for the Gog and Magog coalition to advance from the north, fulfilling Ezekiel’s prophecy in chapters 38-39.

We stand on the precipice of significant Biblical end time prophecies.  Now is the time to forsake worldly ambitions and be about our Father’s business.  Let’s be ready for the return of our Bridegroom!

Innovation Nation: Water, Food, Seeds

What if you could make water from thin air?  Or, how about healthy, delicious meals from a small capsule?  What would happen if a farmer’s yield increased significantly simply by producing better seeds?

Sound like an episode of the Jetson’s or some other futuristic, fictitious scenario?  What seems impossible to some is simply a challenge to be met by Israeli Food Technology!  Check out this 2-minute Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs video:


Those who believe God has not blessed the land and the people of Israel just haven’t experienced Israel, the most unique place on earth!

Shabbat shalom!

Here is a Congressman Who Gets It!

Kudos to South Carolina’s Representative, Alan Clemmons, who took a trip to Judea and Samaria (known today as the West Bank), to see, experience and understand the historical, ancient and Biblical relationship of the Jewish people to the land God promised them.

Listen to his comments then take a moment to send a message of thanks to Representative Clemmons.  (Here is an easy link to do so.)  One of the ways we support Israel is to make our voices heard…even in a word of thanks.  Please do so!  (I did!)


Does Israel Receive the Most US Foreign Aid?

Great question…and there is a very good answer!  Susan Michael, US Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, recently penned an article well worth reading.

Many complain about foreign aid that goes to Israel.  However, what they likely don’t realize is that far less goes to Israel than to other nations such as Afghanistan.  Furthermore, military aid to Israel rarely leaves America, as the Jewish nation turns right around to spend most of that aid on American equipment!  To add to the mix, Israeli technology enhances our own weaponry!

Please take two minutes to read more about US aid to Israel, and how very vital it is to the security of both nations.

Does Israel Receive the Most US Foreign Aid? by Susan Michael