Hamas Fires on Palestinian Citizens

What is life like in the Gaza Strip? Well, take a look at what happens when Palestinian citizens protest against Hamas: By the way, this gets absolutely no attention in the United Nations. Nor does the fact that Iranian-backed Hamas continues to launch missiles, riot at Israel's border and use women and children as human …

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More and More Arab Israelis Speaking Out Positively about Israel

In the wake of Beware of the Media Spin, here is a very positive perspective... Miraculously, many in the Arab world are beginning to speak out boldly in support of Israel. Arab Israelis are voicing strong defense of the distinct advantages Arabs have as citizens of Israel. This very passionate Arab Israeli shares his perspective:

Modern Day Tale of Jonah and the Great Fish

Most of us cannot imagine swimming with whales, much less encountering one up close and personal. However, that was Jonah's experience, and the recent experience of a man named Rainer Schimpf . The Lord told Jonah the prophet to go to Nineveh, yet he rebelled and ran the opposite direction. He boarded a boat in …

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