Understanding the Future – An Encore!

Hi friends! Have you even noticed that when you are studying a particular thing, the Lord sends the message in many different ways! Well, we have an encore to our just-concluded study that fits that category! We just spent several days studying to understand the future God has planned for us. The Millennial Kingdom will …

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Daystar’s Jerusalem Studio Firebombed

The newly-remodeled Jerusalem studio of Daystar, one of the world's largest Christian broadcasters, was firebombed and totally destroyed on Saturday. (Read or view video details here.) Despite the devastation, Daystar officials vow to re-build and continue the ministry in the heart of Israel. Please join believers around the globe in praying for their provision and …

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From ISIS Leader to Follower of Christ

Happy Lord's Day! To celebrate the love and power of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I want to share an incredible salvation story of an ISIS leader coming to know Jesus! Enjoy!

Who is Really Responsible for the Situation in Gaza?

While most of the Arab population at large (and the world, in general) tend to point a finger at "Israeli aggression" in the Gaza Strip, some Arabs are beginning to realize where the true problem lies in regard to oppression of the Palestinian people. Hear a Lebanese journalist set the record straight in this 2-minute …

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