Former Ambassador David Friedman: Still the Voice of Reason

David Friedman was President Trump’s appointee as US Ambassador to Israel, and was one of the key figures in historic Trump accomplishments, including moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, acknowledging Israel’s sovereignty on the Golan Heights and negotiating the Abraham Accords (among other things!) Call me biased, but I believe the Trump administration’s support of Israel was perhaps the most important legacy left by the Trump team, and Ambassador Friedman was a champion.

The mild-mannered, incredibly brilliant ambassador recently published SLEDGEHAMMER: How Breaking With The Past Brought Peace To The Middle East. I have read it and highly recommend it to anyone interested in discovering the thought processes and Ambassador Friedman’s influence upon the Abraham Accords.

Now, though he is out of public service, he continues to have some of the most sensible and well-thought-out strategy regarding the Middle East. For example, he simplifies the Iranian issue by sharing his opinion that the US should force Iran to choose between bankruptcy and nuclear weapons. It isn’t a new idea…the Trump administration implemented it. However, the current administration has played footsies with the rogue Iranian regime since day 1.

Oh how we miss great thinkers and statemen such Ambassador Friedman, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley and former VP Mike Pence.

Friedman’s calm brilliance is on display in a recent interview with Joel Rosenberg. Here is a 7-minute clip of that interesting interview. Enjoy!

PS: There is another voice of reason I will highlight tomorrow, so check back in the morning. Meanwhile, if you are not engaged in our 31 days of prayer for Israel, please join us each afternoon as we pray for Israeli eyes to be open to the Messiah.

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