Joel Rosenberg: “Trump is Tougher on Jeff Sessions than on Vladimir Putin”

Joel Rosenberg appeared on Fox News Friday night, where he spoke to Shannon Bream about growing concerns about Russia and the dangerous ambitions of Vladimir Putin.  While Rosenberg acknowledged stronger policy regarding Russia, he calls Trump “radio silent” when it comes to standing up to Putin verbally.

 I’m not saying that the President’s policies [towards Russia] so far are bad. Like, he’s increasing defense spending dramatically in the United States. He’s pushing NATO to spend more on their own defense, and they’re doing it. He’s got a great national security team around him. But he’s radio silent when it comes to Vladimir Putin, the worst dictator on the planet. He’s tougher on Jeff Sessions, than he is on Vladimir Putin.
~Joel Rosenberg on Fox News, March 9, 2018

In addition, Bream and Rosenberg discussed the recently-released statements from Obama National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, revealing her command to a cyber-response team to “stand down” in efforts to squelch Russian interference in 2016 elections.

It is incomprehensible that in the midst of a presidential campaign — a general election — that a national security advisor would tell a team of people dealing with Russian attacks — aggressive attacks — [to stand down.]
~Joel Rosenberg on Fox News, March 9, 2018

Catch the entire 5-minute video here:


BTW – I’m reading Joel Rosenberg’s new book, The Kremlin Conspiracy.  As always, the plot seems all too real in today’s world, as he paints the picture of a power-hungry Russian czar, anxious to become the most powerful man on the planet!  Let’s hope it remains fiction!

The sleeping bear (Russia) is definitely awakening!  How the US (and the world) deal with Russia and Iran is very critical, and as believers, it is our obligation to pray for wisdom for our leaders and our allies.  Will you stop and do that right now?


God’s Word: True Before the News Takes Place!

Hi friends!  Are you amazed at the Bible’s accuracy?  One one hand, we shouldn’t be surprised by it, if we believe the God who scripted it is all-knowing.  On the other hand, we should be amazed and inspired that everything in life (history, geology, anthropology, archaeology, etc) continually confirms the Bible’s veracity.  I just love that about our God and His Word…how about you!?!

Well, headlines confirm Bible prophecy and I was in awe of the Lord’s timing of things when I read headlines yesterday.  This will end with a twist, so follow carefully!

‘I’m Not Bluffing,’ Putin Tells the West, Announcing Advanced Nuclear Weaponry  Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his state-of-the-union address, in which saber-rattling was at its best!  He announced that Russia now has nuclear weapons with almost unlimited range and capability of avoiding missile defense systems.  In other words, he has come up with the mother of all nuclear weapons!  They can reach anywhere, and no one can touch them!

He made other outlandish claims that likely have various degrees of truth, wrapped in a layers of exaggeration.  I suspect we will soon find out how much is true and how much is lie, but the key points are these:

  • It is no secret that Putin is a power-hungry egomaniac who desperately wants to return Russia to world-domination.  He states it is to make the world a much more peaceful place.  How’s that peace plan going in Syria!?!
  • The Bible talks of the rise of a Russian czar that will gather the forces of several nations (Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya and Sudan) and will attack Israel from the north to capture spoil and to seize plunder (Ezekiel 38:12).  Israel has oil and gas, and Russia needs it in order to maintain its supply dominance over Europe!
  • Putin complained in his speech that “no one listens.”  Sounds like a kid throwing a tantrum, doesn’t it?  But, in this case, it makes the “kid” very dangerous, because he is dangerously armed and is power-hungry enough to use those weapons.  He has absolutely no regard for human life.  Need proof?  He has NO qualms when Bashar al-Assad uses chemical weapons on his own people.  (He may even be encouraging it!)  Multiple times he has even denied that the Syrian regime has WMD’s. Dangerous!

New Satellite Photos Show Iran Establishing Another Base Near Damascus
A new Iranian base, just 8 miles from Damascus, has been discovered.  Two hangars, believed to be storing short- and medium-range missiles, are seen on satellite footage.  Additionally, the base is eerily similar to a Syrian base destroyed by Israel in December when found to be a relay post for shuttling missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon.  (See more comparison photos at the link above.)

American and Israeli intelligence is aware of the dramatic increase in the number and quality of Iranian ballistic missiles now appearing on Iranian bases in Syria.  Keep in mind that Russia has significant military bases in Syria as well, and now has Su-57 fighter jets (Russia’s top-of-the-line) stationed there also.

What’s the point?

  • Again, refer to Ezekiel 38!  Russia and Iran will attack the Jewish state “on the mountains of Israel.”  Friends, the mountains are Mt Hermon and the area we know as the Golan Heights.  Damascus is less than 30 miles from Mt Hermon, and Iranian troops are massed even closer than that to Israel’s border!
  • While Russia is after oil and gas, Iran’s intent is to spread Shi’ite Islam all the way from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea.  Their motive is a spiritual, apocalyptic one.  Shi’ite Islam holds to the theology that Allah has called them to usher in the coming of the mahdi (Muslim messiah), and the way to do that is to create chaos and annihilate the Jews.  They believe they are called to do that!  Thus, it is not a political or military war…it is a spiritual one!  Christians, spiritual wars are fought in prayer!  We must pray for Israel, and for God’s people (Jews and Christians) to be obedient to God’s plan!

871,000 Jewish Believers in the US  Okay, I just threw you a curveball, didn’t I!  But we’re still on the same theme of news headlines confirming the Bible’s accuracy.  This is a really cool one!

I recommend you read that post by Joel Rosenberg for details of Jews coming to know Messiah.  However, my point here is this: the Bible clearly teaches that a veil covers the eyes of those bound by the Old Covenant (speaking of the Jewish people) because it is removed in Christ!  In fact, read this passage for yourself:

But their (sons of Israel) minds were hardened; for until this very day at the reading of the old covenant the same veil remains unlifted, because it is removed in Christ. But to this day whenever Moses is read, a veil lies over their heart; but whenever a person turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.
~2 Corinthians 3:14-18

O, so rich!  Christ removes the veil when one turns to the Lord!  (Whether Jew or Gentile, by the way!)  With that, comes liberty; and the end result is we become transformed by the Spirit of God.

Friends, that is beginning to happen to our Jewish friends!  Their eyes are seeing the Messiah, and the Bible says that is what will happen in the last days!  In fact, Romans 11:25-26 tells us a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in, and so ALL Israel will be saved!  If salvation is starting for the Jewish people, might it be that the fullness of the Gentiles is almost complete?

One day, the last Gentile to receive Christ will say, “Save me, Lord!” and suddenly we will all be caught up together with the Lord in the air!  (That’s the rapture.)  The Bible has told us throughout the centuries what will happen, and now headlines are confirming the Bible’s accuracy!

For those of us already saved by faith through God’s grace alone, it is time to live it out.  If you haven’t yet said, “Save me, Lord!” then we’re waiting on you, and you might not have another chance.  Please call upon the Lord and be saved.  Your eternity depends upon it!

Joel Rosenberg’s Latest Novel, “The Kremlin Conspiracy,” due out March 6

Joel Rosenberg has a knack for writing books that seem to pre-date headlines.  Prior to 911, he wrote of terrorists flying into buildings.  He also accurately portrayed the rise of a brutal terrorist group that turned out to be very descriptive of ISIS…before ISIS was a thing!

He wrote about the apocalyptic mindset of Iran, the struggle over Damascus and an ISIS attack on world leaders, among other things.  Each had real-life elements, despite the fact the books were written beforehand.

Now, on March 6, he will release the first in a planned trilogy, The Kremlin Conspiracy, featuring a rising Russian czar hungry for power and plotting military action.  If you’ve noticed recent headlines, you know how realistic the plot may be!

Publishers Weekly recently reviewed the book, and Tyndale House Publishers provide this video trailer for the book:


If you like geopolitical thrillers written with an eye on Bible prophecy, you will enjoy Joel Rosenberg’s novels.  The Kremlin Conspiracy is the first of a planned trilogy, and is available for pre-order here.  I’m looking forward to reading it!  Enjoy!

Are Evangelical Christians Anti-Palestinian?

How should a Christian view the plight of Palestinians?  Does the Bible speak to it?  If so, are we living out God’s Biblical commands to us?  I touched on this at the end of a post a few days ago, but want to turn it over to another voice advocating loving Israel AND her neighbors.

Recently, Joel Rosenberg authored an editorial for The Jerusalem Post and I think it provides food for thought for all of us who seek to faithfully follow our Lord.  It’s a two-minute read and well worth it.

Are Evangelical Christians Anti-Palestinian?