Joel Rosenberg, Anne Graham Lotz and Others Continue to Call for Prayer in the Middle East



A few weeks ago, Joel Rosenberg and The Joshua Fund hosted an Epicenter Prayer Summit in Jerusalem, where over 800 believers gathered with Rosenberg, Anne Graham Lotz, Ronnie Floyd and other well-respected and influential Christian leaders to pray for Israel and her neighbors.

The Summit was actually recorded and you will find video of those sessions by clicking the image above.  I haven’t watched all the sessions, but have caught many of them and they are well worth watching.

More importantly, though, I hope you will heed their call for prayer.  I believe it is the prayers of the saints, choosing to walk side-by-side with God where He is working, that has opened a short window of opportunity for us as Christians to rise up in this land.  Believers, let’s make the most of the time we are given by being about our Father’s business!  It is time to fight battles on our knees.  Why not start with God’s command to pray for Israel?

You Don’t Hear About it, but Israelis are Coming to Know the Messiah!

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Earlier this month, Joel Rosenberg hosted the Epicenter Prayer Summit in Jerusalem.  Participants of that prayer summit heard teachings from various Christian leaders, as well as testimonies from Jewish and Arab believers.

One of those testimonies was of Anastasia Okhrimenko, a Russian Jew whose family had immigrated to Israel.  She shared her story of growing up in the West Bank and coming to know Messiah.  Now, Anastasia serves on staff at One for Israel, a Jewish organization boldly proclaiming Yeshua as Messiah!

The founder of One for Israel, Erez Soref, also shares his testimony of coming to Messiah, then founding the ministry.  It is an intriguing story, and one of great encouragement that the Lord Jesus…Yeshua…is definitely alive and working in the midst of the Jewish people.

Those in Israel tell me that talk of the Messiah is increasing by leaps and bounds in Israel.  I believe God has called those such as Erez Soref and the One for Israel staff to bring the Good News to Jews and Arabs alike, for such a time as this!

Take a few minutes to hear those faith-building testimonies here.

Shabbat shalom!

Secretary Pompeo’s Iran speech: Tehran hated it. But most Arab & Israeli leaders loved it. So did I. Here’s why.

Wow….and Amen!

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Pompeo-HeritageIranSpeech(Washington, D.C.) — Iranian leaders hated it. Most European leaders hated it. So did most former advisors to President Obama and Vice President Biden, and most of Washington’s so-called “experts.” But this is hardly news.

What’s fascinating is that most Arab leaders loved it.

I’ve spoken with two very high-ranking Arab officials in recent days about the speech delivered by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at The Heritage Foundation on Monday morning. Both made it clear to me how deeply grateful and appreciative their countries are to the Trump-Pence administration for finally taking a bold, decisive, uncompromising position against Iranian aggression. 

One Arab official told me privately: “It’s like the world is sane again.”

After watching Iran be feted and praised and rewarded and appeased by President Obama and his team over the past eight years, most Sunni Arab leaders are rejoicing that the U.S. is finally treating Iran as…

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BREAKING: World leaders from UN to EU to Germany & US condemn Mahmoud Abbas for anti-Semitic speech. NYT editorial calls for Palestinian President to step down. The post-Abbas era is approaching. Here’s the latest.

And the Middle East saga grows even more grim.

Anti-Semitism is NOT okay in any place or in any way, by any world leader or anyone else! Praise God for other world leaders condemning the comments of Mahmoud Abbas. Pray for strength and resolve, as well as wisdom, of world leaders as they deal with this situation.

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(Jerusalem) — In January, I said on Fox News that “we may be heading for a post-Abbas era.” That day just grew much closer.

World leaders from the United Nations to the European Union to the German government and the U.S. are publicly condemning a speech Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas gave this week as “anti-Semitic,” “vile,” “ugly” and “unacceptable.” Personally, I can’t remember such governments ever rebuking the Palestinian leader in such strong and unified terms.

And in another unprecedented development, the editorial board of the New York Times is now calling on the 82-year old Abbas — currently serving the 13th year of his four year term — to step down and give the Palestinian people the opportunity for a new leader “with energy, integrity and vision.”

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