Look What’s Coming!

Cancel culture may be taking down “big hitters” such as Tucker Carlson, but I believe God is raising up and granting favor to what will be a very exciting place for Christian conservatives to get caught up on world events, tap into fantastic Bible teaching, and even find clean entertainment options…all incredibly family-friendly and free!

Check out Real Life Network, launching on Pentecost Sunday (May 28, 2023)! Founded by Pastor Jack Hibbs and featuring Christian leaders such as Amir Tsarfati, Pastor Gary Hamrick, Charlie Kirk, Tony Perkins and others, Real Life Network is setting up to be a one-stop shop for Christian news and entertainment. There is also kid programming, making it appealing to the entire family. Pastor Jack recently described the need in this op-ed: Hibbs: Church Must Stand Against Big Tech, Gov’t Censorship.

The best part about it is that the Gospel will be boldly proclaimed without the overriding threat of censorship! There is no government funding and no paid advertisers, so no outside influence. How will it stay on the air? Through the generosity of Christians and conservatives who believe in the parallel market that allows the Good News of Jesus Christ to be proclaimed!

Content will be added weekly and the network will be available on all devices!

I’m really excited about this, and I hope you are too! Let bold proclamation go forth! Check it out!

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