Considering the Ramifications of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has hit the scene with a gigantic bang. It has been around for decades, but the discoveries and enhancement of AI capabilities has recently and suddenly grown to a proportion that even secular commentators such as Elon Musk are saying, “Whoa…hold on…this is dangerous and could destroy the world as we know it!”

If you are unfamiliar with AI and what it is capable of, consider this: A student whose assignment is to write an essay or research paper could simply use a ChatGPT app to complete the assignment of any length, on any subject, with perfect spelling and grammar, in only seconds. You can imagine what this does to education. Soon, humans will not need to think, so why bother with school at all?

AI is also capable of writing complicated symphonies, movies and books. Just state the subject matter, describe the “feel” you desire in that musical piece and, “Voila!” you’ve got yourself a work of art! Screenwriters are getting antsy because they could lose their jobs to AI soon. But not to worry! Socialism promises that we will have nothing and will be happy! Who needs a job anyway!?!

What if global financial organizations gets their hands on AI and successfully wed it to the financial markets? Could the markets be manipulated to favor a particular group? Say, perhaps, the globalists who long for One World Currency?

But it goes far beyond that. What happens if AI moves into the realm of religious texts? We know that God’s Word will never die, but what if AI-revised “Bibles” are produced very quickly and en masse, filled with false doctrine? Could ChatGPT ultimately fuel a new religion, drawing people into One World Religion?

Think about this: what if AI produces a false Bible, spoken through a very human-looking hologram? The Bible tells us the Antichrist will have power to breathe life into an image. Demons seek to occupy things. What better way for Satan to occupy than to enable the Antichrist to empower life-like images spewing false religion, thanks to AI!

Sadly, though God created man in His image, man seeks to create a god in man’s image. Could AI play a part in man’s yearning to create a god or be one?

1 Timothy 4:1-3 warns of deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons in the last days. Friends, the demonization of our society and culture is here. It is time to wake up, dear Christians; and it is time to share the Gospel. People need the Good News of Jesus Christ more today than ever before. Are you able to share it clearly in 5 minutes or less?

Moreover, in the midst of the parable in Luke 21:11-27, a nobleman, away on a trip, told his servants to “Do business [occupy] until I come.” Friends, that is God’s message to us as well. We are to be about the Father’s business until the Son comes for us!

The Bible predicts end time things, and we are seeing some of them take shape. But remember, Bible prophecy is not meant to scare, but to prepare! Do not fear but get ready…share the Gospel…and do business until Jesus returns!

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