Futures Conference: Amir Tsarfati, Charlie Kirk, Pastor Jack Hibbs, Jan Markell

Just announced, and will sell out quickly... Amir Tsarfati, Pastor Jack Hibbs, Charlie Kirk, and Jan Markell...Sept 30 - Oct 1 at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills CA! Register here: https://bit.ly/3cZ9XNy

The Fight Against Evil Continues

Dear friends, we live in an age of evil, and it will continue to become more so as the day of Christ's appearing draws near. We're not fighting simply a cultural or societal battle. It is a spiritual battle, and spiritual battles must be fought with spiritual weapons (Ephesians 6:10-20) and in spiritual posture (in …

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America: Still the Greatest Nation on Earth

Lest we forget, as Americans, we still live in the greatest nation on earth. Of course, we have our issues; and of course, we are heartbroken by the path our nation is taking. But if it is so bad, why are millions of people doing everything they can, including risking their lives, to get in? …

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Is This the Enemy’s Game Plan?

Yesterday our focus was on deception and lawlessness in our world, and how it points to the last days as foretold by Jesus, Paul and others. We'll continue that focus today, but will go a bit further into today's culture. Deception seems to be an important pilar in Satan's game plan. He loves to deceive …

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