What in the World is Going on in Saudi Arabia

Amidst chaos in the world (particularly the Middle East), we see unbelievable things in Saudi Arabia.  But why…and what does it all mean?

First, as you may or may not know, there are two rival groups of Muslims: Sunnis and Shi’ites.  (There are other, smaller sects of Islam, but those two make up well over 90%.)  Throughout history, Sunnis and Shi’ites have opposed one another, and it all started over who would succeed who in the Islamic caliphate.  (Study Week 7 of Looking for the Blessed Hope for more about that.)

Saudi Arabia was the birthplace of Islam and has maintained the more traditional version: Sunni Islam.  The dissenters (Shi’ites), however, gathered in what we know today as Iran.  The two groups detest one another, considering the opposing group to be “infidels.”  Thus, the religious conflict continues to this day.

That brings us to what is happening in Saudi Arabia.  We all know that Iran continually threatens to “wipe Israel off the map.”  But there is no love lost between Iran and Saudi Arabia either.  We simply need to know and understand why rockets are being fired at Saudi Arabia, who is firing them, and who is perpetuating that situation.  Against the backdrop of US efforts to bring cooperating Arab nations together for common causes, we begin to get a feel for why Iranian-controlled Yemen and Hezbollah are suddenly foreign policy targets of Saudi Arabia, and why Saudi royalty is “cleaning house.”

I can’t explain it any better than Amir Tsarfati, so I will defer to his most recent update (from Monday).  It is lengthy (about 43 minutes), but the discussion of what’s happening in Saudi Arabia is contained in about the first 27 minutes.  If you are a student of Bible prophecy and/or you keep your eyes on what is happening in the Middle East, I highly recommend taking the time to hear what Amir says.


Breaking News with Prophetic Implications: Rockets from Syria are no Mistake

Hi everyone!  If you’ve followed the news the past few days, you have likely heard reports about rockets from Syria “spilling over” into Israeli territory.  However, Israeli intelligence is now announcing that those rockets have not been stray rockets from the conflict within Syria, but were intentionally fired toward Israel.

That has the potential for significant prophetic implications.  Will Israel be drawn into war?  Will they have to attack Damascus to prevent the weapons stored there from being used against them?  We know that, in the last days, Damascus Syria will be destroyed.  (Isaiah 17:1)  It is also quite possible that the destruction of Damascus will pave the way for the invasion from the north, known as the War of Gog and Magog (described in Ezekiel 38-39).

Amir Tsarfati just reported on the latest news from Israel and, for Christians interested in fulfillment of Bible prophecy, this is a “must see.”  Take a look:


UPDATE: As of 10/23/17, news out of Israel is that rockets were intentionally fired by Hezbollah, with Syrian President Assad’s approval.  A dangerous mix!  Stay tuned…

An Excellent Current Events Update from Amir Tsarfati

I’m a day or two behind, but was able to view Amir Tsarfati’s latest Current Events Update today.  It includes an excellent explanation why, as believers and followers of Jesus, we need to seek the Lord Himself, rather than “signs” in the skies.

This 25-minute video is worth watching.  Enjoy!


PS: Check back tomorrow for a special announcement about upcoming opportunities at Looking for the Blessed Hope.  See you then!

Archeologists uncover new evidence of Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem

Interesting report on findings from the First Temple era, as Jews commemorate Tisha B’Av…mourning the destruction of the First and Second Temples.

Behold Israel

Findings include ivory statue, jars and storage, as well as walls covered in charcoal; Findings confirm Israel’s constant growth during Iron Age, as well as wealth of the city


Israeli archeologists have unearthed findings dating back to Babylonian conquest and destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem.

Archeologists uncovered several artifacts from charcoal covered rooms in the City of David dating prior to the siege of Jerusalem at the hands of King Nebuchadnezzar over 2,600 years ago.

Archeologists found several jars for storage, as well as charred wood, fish bones, human bones and seeds. Amongst the artifacts found were an Egyptian ivory statue, pottery jars and rosette seal dating to a decade prior to the capture of the Temple by the Babylonians.

Dr. Joe Uziel, the head of the excavation carried out by the Israel’s Antiquities Authority, described the significance of their findings, explaining, “Classifying objects facilitated controlling, overseeing…

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