Creation and the Gospel

It has long been my belief that, to understand the end times, one must understand the beginning. After all, what is the ultimate reward in end times? The coming of Jesus to redeem us from sin and take us to live with Him forever! (Galatians 3:13) That requires salvation...and what is salvation all about? The …

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Got Questions? Amir Probably Answered Them!

Hi friends! Amir Tsarfati hosted a Q&A session on Tuesday morning that covered many different topics regarding current events in the Middle East, as well as clarification regarding some passages of Scripture. It was a wide range, so if you have questions, it is possible they were answered at some point during the Q&A! So, …

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Amir’s Bible Bites: We ARE the Generation!

Stop to consider, my friends...we ARE the generation to see so many of the signs God's Word says we will see in the end. Amir Tsarfati describes our generation. Enjoy!

Mending Broken Relationships

Hi friends! Despite evil in the world and the downward spiral in ethics and Biblical living so prevalent in the world, I am excited about certain things I see today. Basic understanding of Biblical history tells us a very basic thing: Jesus was Jewish, and so were the first followers of Christ! The Gospel didn't …

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