Amir’s Bible Bites: Do You Believe?

Amir’s Bible Bites: What is Apostasy?

Apostasy...what is it, and are we seeing it today? I think so. Here is a very short, but accurate description: Well said!

Iran Figured Out How to Pop a Wheelie with a 747!

Ok, admit...does this elicit a little giggle? It certainly does with me...particularly as we have prayed for the Lord to thwart evil plans of those who would do Israel harm. Seems like He is causing confusion in interesting ways!

Amir’s Message: Where was God in the Holocaust?

Hi friends! I want to share a very powerful message with you today, in hopes you will carve out some time this weekend to watch it. Amir Tsarfati shared a message entitled Where was God in the Holocaust? It is a "must see!" Enjoy!