Update from the Syrian Border: Russia is Now Controlling the Border with Israel

Hi friends!  Early this morning (Phoenix time), Amir Tsarfati shared a live update from the Syrian border and it was absolutely fascinating in light of Bible prophecy.  If you missed it, I highly encourage you to watch it.  As stated many times, the stage is being set for an invasion from the north (per Ezekiel 38-39), and it has never been more imminent than now!

Check it out!

Pastor Jack Hibbs and Amir Tsarfati Discuss Current Events

Hi friends.  It is rather lengthy, but if you want great insight into current events in the Middle East, Amir Tsarfati’s discussion with Pastor Jack Hibbs at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills is a great resource.  You will find it on Behold Israel’s FaceBook page.  (Sorry, I was unable to embed it.)

Amir Tsarfati: Live in Southern California

West Coast friends, you have several opportunities to catch Amir Tsarfati’s live events in Southern California in the next few days.

For the rest of us, it appears several of those events will be live streamed, so we also have the opportunity to hear the latest from Amir.  (He is founder of Behold Israel, and is a world-renown teacher of Bible prophecy.)  Here’s a rundown of upcoming events:

  • Tomorrow (September 16, 2018): Calvary Chapel Tustin at 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 6:00 pm (Pacific time).  It appears those events will be live streamed here.
  • September 19 (Wednesday): Calvary Chapel Chino Hills at 7:00 pm (Pacific time).  This event does not appear to be live streamed, but will likely be recorded.  Check here for that.
  • September 23 (Sunday): Calvary Chapel East Anaheim at 9:00 am (Pacific time).  I believe the event will be live streamed here.

While in the US, Amir will also be teaching in ID and MN, though I believe those events are sold out.  (The Understanding the Times Conference will be live streamed on September 29.  Click here for info.)

If you have never heard Amir, I encourage you to catch a message or two either live or online as he teaches God’s Word from a Messianic Jewish perspective, focused on what the Bible says about the days in which we live.  Enjoy!

Report: Egyptian brokered ceasefire between Hamas and Israel

Seemingly just prior to major Israeli military action, there is news of an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. Once more, Hamas pushes Gaza to the brink of all-out war with Israel (in which Gaza would be utterly destroyed), only to have Egypt step in and save the day.

How long can this go on? What are the stipulations of the ceasefire agreement? What should happen the next time a fire kite, incendiary balloon or rocket from Gaza is launched? Those are key questions.

Pray for wisdom and for the evil schemes of Hamas to be thwarted.

Behold Israel

Following 180 rocket attacks from Gaza, ceasefire reportedly reached between Hamas and Israel; IAF confirms it hit over 150 targets in Gaza Strip since Wednesday; IDF: Hamas is responsible and  bears the consequences for the ongoing events.


Reports surfaced of an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire between Hamas and Israel on Thursday night following the recent two-day flare up of rocket attacks.

The Israel Air Force reported that it struck over 150 targets in the Gaza Strip since Wednesday evening when rocket attacks began. It’s strikes targeted “weapons storage, military compounds, training compounds, a building used by Hamas for military purposes, and terror cells.”

Over 180 rockets were fired at Israel with dozens of injuries and damages reported on southern communities in Israel. Around 30 of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome. Rockets hit Be’er Sheva on Thursday, the first rocket attack on the city since Operation Protective Edge in 2014.


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