“Can You Hear Me Now?” – A New Mini-Series

Regardless of the position we take politically, what we witnessed in our nation’s capital this week was nothing short of pure lawlessness. As Americans, we should be appalled and heartbroken to have stooped to such depravity and wickedness. As Christians, we need to know that God in heaven means business, and is saying: “Can you hear Me now?

The attack on our nation’s capital should not have been a surprise to any of us. Heightened emotions on top of increasing violence was bound to erupt in great storms of lawlessness. Throughout American history, stormy seasons have come and gone. But a tsunami began brewing in our land over the past year as violence erupted during “social justice” incidents throughout the spring and summer, and very little was done about it. Others felt disenfranchised, particularly as evidence of election fraud began to grow. Lawlessness gained a foothold and, emboldened, the “storm-makers” descended upon Washington DC on Wednesday. What followed was a major storm that crashed into the hallowed halls of our US Capitol Building.

Make not mistake: violence is WRONG, no matter who it is. Americans have every right to protest and make their voices heard. There is a peaceful, purposeful way to protest, and there is a rebellious, “I’m all that matters” way to protest…which often escalates quickly and can lead to violence. It is WRONG and should be condemned in every way.

Obviously, there are many, many influences in this storm and every politician, activist and interested person seems to think they are 100% correct in their thoughts and values. None are, and it is time to let it go. We are not putting our focus there. Rather, we’re turning to God’s Word and His principles. Believers, God is saying loud and clear, “Can you hear Me now?

We don’t need more news, we need more of God. Thus, we’re going to filter what we have witnessed through the lens of Scripture. We will allow God Himself to be our commentator and our news anchor. I’m encouraging you to join me in turning off the media, and look to God’s Word instead. We’ll gather in our virtual living room and fellowship around God’s Word. The room is large, so invite others to join us, and together, let’s turn our ear to Him!

“Listen to Me, you who pursue righteousness,
Who seek the Lord:
Look to the rock from which you were cut,
And to the quarry from which you were dug. …
Pay attention to Me, My people,
And listen to Me, My nation;
For a law will go out from Me,
And I will bring My justice as a light of the peoples. …
Listen to Me, you who know righteousness,
A people in whose heart is My Law;
Do not fear the taunting of people,
Nor be terrified of their abuses.

~Isaiah 51:1, 4, 7

Tomorrow: Doors of Opportunity: Be Careful Which Ones You Open

One thought on ““Can You Hear Me Now?” – A New Mini-Series

  1. Sheri Cross

    Yes, I have heard the same call from Father, ‘Are you listening to Me?’
    And I reply, Lord help me to keep my eyes fast on You for only You do I trust.

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