Joel Rosenberg’s Perspective on Israeli Elections…

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Seems like most conservatives in Israel are edging toward the same opinion: a unity government (meaning a rotation of Prime Ministers) is better than sending Israel back to the polls a fourth time.

Indeed, time is slipping away to take advantage of the support of the most pro-Israel American administration ever. Even if the Trump administration is successful in their 2020 bid to remain in power, there could be only 4 more short years of staunch support from the Americans. We don’t know what will follow that…or what will come of American backing if, God forbid, an anti-Israel candidate wins the 2020 election.

Thus, it is time for Israel to establish a government that is fully functional. It is time for Israel to get down to the business of governing and fully protecting the state of Israel from looming threats from Iran, Hezbollah, and a myriad of other hostile terrorist groups and evil regimes.

Joel Rosenberg, a dual American-Israeli citizen, living in Israel, shared his perspective in a Fox News editorial today. Take a look and see what you think!

Israeli election results show Netanyahu had a big night, but was it enough?

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