Joel Rosenberg: “Trump is Tougher on Jeff Sessions than on Vladimir Putin”

Joel Rosenberg appeared on Fox News Friday night, where he spoke to Shannon Bream about growing concerns about Russia and the dangerous ambitions of Vladimir Putin.  While Rosenberg acknowledged stronger policy regarding Russia, he calls Trump “radio silent” when it comes to standing up to Putin verbally.

 I’m not saying that the President’s policies [towards Russia] so far are bad. Like, he’s increasing defense spending dramatically in the United States. He’s pushing NATO to spend more on their own defense, and they’re doing it. He’s got a great national security team around him. But he’s radio silent when it comes to Vladimir Putin, the worst dictator on the planet. He’s tougher on Jeff Sessions, than he is on Vladimir Putin.
~Joel Rosenberg on Fox News, March 9, 2018

In addition, Bream and Rosenberg discussed the recently-released statements from Obama National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, revealing her command to a cyber-response team to “stand down” in efforts to squelch Russian interference in 2016 elections.

It is incomprehensible that in the midst of a presidential campaign — a general election — that a national security advisor would tell a team of people dealing with Russian attacks — aggressive attacks — [to stand down.]
~Joel Rosenberg on Fox News, March 9, 2018

Catch the entire 5-minute video here:


BTW – I’m reading Joel Rosenberg’s new book, The Kremlin Conspiracy.  As always, the plot seems all too real in today’s world, as he paints the picture of a power-hungry Russian czar, anxious to become the most powerful man on the planet!  Let’s hope it remains fiction!

The sleeping bear (Russia) is definitely awakening!  How the US (and the world) deal with Russia and Iran is very critical, and as believers, it is our obligation to pray for wisdom for our leaders and our allies.  Will you stop and do that right now?


The VP’s Trip To The Epicenter: “What Pence needs to do in Jordan.” (Joel Rosenberg’s column for Fox News.)

VP Pence is in the Middle East this weekend. Joel Rosenberg has interesting insight into the importance of Pence’s visit. Check out his post…and let’s pray for the Lord’s guidance and wisdom to prevail in this important diplomatic visit.

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ORIGINAL POST: Jordan was not originally on Vice President Mike Pence’s Mideast schedule when the trip was planned for mid-December. When the trip had to be rescheduled (due to the tax cut vote) for mid-January, a visit to Amman was added. 

In my new column for Fox News, I explain why, describe the strains that have emerged in the U.S.-Jordanian alliance, and offer some thoughts on the way forward to strengthen this vitally important relationship.

But first, a look at the current itinerary. On Friday night, Air Force Two will depart…

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Is the Iranian Regime in Jeopardy?

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Protests and violence over corruption and the failing economy continue to ravage many cities in Iran.  Reports leaked to Fox News indicate Iranian leaders are concerned about threats to the regime’s security, and in very high-ranking meetings, including the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani, officials expressed concern that the situation might deteriorate further.

Protests have occurred in at least 40 cities, including Tehran, where chants of “Death to the dictator,” and slogans such as “the leader lives like God while the people live like beggars” are seen and heard.

Click here for the official report (including video) from Fox News.

Please continue to pray for the people of Iran, for wisdom of world leaders in how/when to respond to the uprising, and for the Iranian leaders to be dethroned.


Syrian Defector: “I just could not gas my people”

News is still abuzz about the chemical weapons deployed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on his own citizens.  Following that attack during the first week of April, the United States responded with airstrikes on the Syrian base where those weapons had been stored and deployed.

Since that time, Assad ally, Russia, denied a chemical attack, contended that the Syrian government has no chemical weapons, and most recently, claimed the chemical attack was staged.

However, just last week, former Syrian Brig. Gen. Zaher al-Sakat provided a much different story.  Formerly the Assad regime’s chemical weapons chief in charge of such operations, al-Sakat adamantly stated that there is no way his former boss, Syrian President Bashar Assad, would ever “completely give up” his arsenal.  Furthermore, while working for Assad, he states he was ordered to use chemical weapons on multiple occasions.

Ultimately, he defected.

According to

“I just could not gas my people,” he said, adding that he replaced canisters with water and a benign bleach. That ruse worked at first, but internal suspicions grew. “They arrested my son, a lieutenant, without reason to force me to submit. I feared for my life.”

While Passover and Resurrection Day are times to celebrate God’s grace and goodness, we are also reminded by news of our time that, from our human perspective, our world is spinning out of control.

But friends, our Risen Savior has never lost control!  He reigns overall, despite the fact Satan and his minions have free reign in our world today.  These are all just signs of the times…the last days.

If you are new to this blog, we are in the midst of studying about the return of Jesus as King of Kings!  As part of that study, we’ll take a look at God’s irrevocable call, and His faithfulness to the Jewish people and to us!  So pull up a chair to our study table and join us!  See you tomorrow!