BREAKING: Arab Joint List Party Sides with Gantz

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Leaders of Joint List side with Gantz

Israeli elections continue to be mired in uncertainty and chaos. As President Rivlin began meeting with party leaders to determine who they recommend granting the mandate to attempt to form a coalition, the Joint List dropped the first bomb by recommending Blue and White leader, Benny Gantz.

Why is this significant? Not because it gives Blue and White enough seats to form a coalition, but because the Arab parties very rarely side with any other party. Yes, Arabs/Palestinians are represented in Israel’s parliament (Knesset), though they are often anti-Israel, so don’t often meld with Zionist-leaning parties. However, their sole motive: push Netanyahu out of office.

It still remains to be seen who Rivlin will tap to take the first shot at forming a coalition. However, it is unlikely either leading party (Netanyahu’s Likud or Gantz’s Blue and White) will be able to form a coalition.

To understand why, and to further understand the election, check out:

Israel’s Arab Lawmakers Back Netanyahu’s Rival, Gantz, for Prime Minister

Stay tuned for more insight and food for thought over the next few days!

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