En Gedi: Oasis in the Desert

In the harsh Judean desert, near the Dead Sea, lies an enchanting oasis.

Image result for ibex ein gedi

Cool, refreshing waterfalls tumble from the rocky cliffs, nimble ibexes roam the area, huge date palm groves dot the landscape, and the kibbutz welcomes young people who come looking for adventure!

It’s one of the sights we will see on our tour in November, and it is the subject of our latest study, now posted on the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR Study Guides page. As always, you are invited to study along with us as we prepare for our journey to the Land of the Bible.


PS: On another note, if you missed the Understanding the Times Conference yesterday, check back tomorrow. I will prepare and post a review…and there is good news, so come check it out!

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