Tours to Israel can be overwhelming, particularly for first-time visitors, because there is so much to process in a very short time. Thus, below are study guides to help you begin processing what you will see and learn while in Israel! New study guides will be posted weekly. Feel free to click “Follow” (on the right side bar) to receive notifications. (You will receive notifications of all posts, not just study guides.)

Maps of Israel and Jerusalem are provided, including a numbering system that mirrors our itinerary. (Click here for itinerary.) For example, on day 3 we will see: a.) Mt Gerizim, b.) the Samaritan Museum and Temple, and c.) Shiloh. Thus, on the map, you will see those locations indicated as 3a, 3b, and 3c. Study guides are identified by the same numbering system, but may not include every item listed on the itinerary.

Spend as little or as much time in study as you like. Some will simply read the study guides and be done, while others will choose to dive deeper into suggested resources. It is totally up to you! The intent, and our prayer, is that your heart and mind will be prepared to receive all the Lord has for us on our journey to the land of Jesus! Enjoy!