Praying for the Best, Preparing for the Worst

Today, March 30, 2019, marks the one year anniversary of the weekly “March of Return” at the Gaza border. Israel has beefed up troops in anticipation of violent riots that could materialize as Palestinians gather there to protest. For the first time since 2014, IDF artillery batteries sit ready for action at the Gaza border.

Hamas has already announced that the March 30 event will be extreme, and has released a video of bombs being built by Hamas members, to be used against Israel. Hundreds of buses will transport extremists to the border to participate in the violence. Meanwhile, the UN sits silent.

Let’s pray today that the evil schemes of Hamas will be thwarted and that Israel does not have to activate any of its heavy artillery. Ask the Lord to provide supernatural wisdom to every field commander, as well as to the highest-ranking military leadership in Israel. Pray for the hearts and minds of those who seek to do Israel harm. May the Lord confuse their thoughts and change their hearts. Also, pray earnestly for the people of Gaza, many of whom simply want freedom from the oppression of Hamas.

While earthly battles may be fought physically, the real battles must be fought on our knees. Believers, join me today in the battle! See you at the foot of the cross.

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