Pastor John Kelley to Join Us on the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR!

Hi friends! I am very excited to announce that Pastor John Kelley will join us on the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR and will teach live at some of the sights and will lead us in communion at the Garden Tomb!

A very beloved pastor whose love for people is surpassed only by his love for the Lord, Pastor John is an excellent teacher and has extensive experience teaching in Israel and about Israel. He will offer insights that help make God’s Word come abundantly alive.

Pastor John is also a veteran Israel trip leader, so will be a valuable asset to all of us as he lends his expertise.

Temple Mount

If you have never considered a trip to Israel, may I strongly encourage it? Words simply cannot describe the value of experiencing Biblical truth from the places in which Jesus taught and ministered, or from where it was written. Walking in places we know for certain Jesus would have been, and seeing the sights you read about is Scripture cause your Bible to come alive. You will come away with insight and understanding you cannot get any other way.

If you are currently considering this trip, please check out the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR page, then let me know if you have questions about the tour. (Contact information is found on the tour page.)

To every person, I can promise one thing: you will never be the same after a trip to Israel. Every trip is truly life-changing, and the cost is very reasonable ($3,500 for a 13-day trip). Tours dates are November 13-25, 2019. (Current itinerary indicates 13-24, but the trip has been expanded by one day. An updated itinerary will be published soon.)

From inside Jerusalem’s gates we will say:

I was glad when they said to me,
   “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”
And now here we are,
    standing inside your gates, O Jerusalem.

~Psalm 122:1-2 (NLT)

Come make that statement with us!

2 thoughts on “Pastor John Kelley to Join Us on the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR!

  1. Vicki Baker

    This is incredibly good news I am so happy to hear this it will be the best trip ever! I’ve been on Israel trips with Pastor John and he makes them amazing!

    Sent from Vicki’s iPhone


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