The Coming One World Order…How Close is It?

Virtually every Bible prophecy teacher and follower has heard of the coming One World Order, aka New World Order. In recent years, the "Great Reset" has been the mantra. But Biblically, to what are we referring when we use those terms? Revelation and other books of Bible prophecy warn of one who will come to …

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Snowy Jerusalem…Shabbat Shalom!

Sundown on Friday marks each week's Shabbat. With the Holy City adorned in white, the promise of God in Isaiah 55 rings loud! God's Word will accomplish God's purpose! Do you believe that?

History’s Grand Moments on Display

Friends, we're nearing the end of our tour, but not without a grand finale, putting all the pieces together! Let's take one last overview of all we seen regarding Jesus' final week as He headed to the cross. But the cross wasn't the end, and neither was the tomb in which He was laid! We're …

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Entering Jerusalem

Nothing compares! Here we are...with our feet standing within the Holy City. We have entered a melting pot of Jews, ranging from purely secular to ultra orthodox, and Arabs and Palestinians. It is a mishmash of tourists from around the world and street merchants longing to sell their goods to all who will buy them. …

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