Making Jerusalem an Object of Praise!

According to Isaiah 62:7, we are to give the Lord not rest until He makes Jerusalem an object of praise on the earth. It is always the "right time" to make Jerusalem an object of praise, so let's do that today! Enjoy this bit of worship and exalt in the Lord in worship!

The Jewish-Arab Reality in Israel

This week we have brought our focus back to America, Israel and the Church, knowing the three are inextricably linked.  A strong America begets a strong Jewish state.  God used the church to build America on a strong foundation so we would be in prime position to support Israel.  God’s divine purpose for Israel (as …

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Can You Identify This Place?

Just for fun....below are pictures of a very recognizable place in Israel. Do you know where it is? We will see this very place on our trip to Israel in October, 2021! We're less than 5 months out and we are so excited! But guess what, we now have space for 4-6 more people! Yes, …

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A Palestinian Living in Jerusalem Speaks Out

Friends, don't believe everything you hear on the news! There is extensive effort in the media to somehow sway the entire situation between Israel and Hamas in Gaza as Israeli war crimes that will garner the attention of the entire world. Let's get straight back to basics: Some say the issue started over a dispute …

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