History’s Grand Moments on Display

Friends, we're nearing the end of our tour, but not without a grand finale, putting all the pieces together! Let's take one last overview of all we seen regarding Jesus' final week as He headed to the cross. But the cross wasn't the end, and neither was the tomb in which He was laid! We're …

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Entering Jerusalem

Nothing compares! Here we are...with our feet standing within the Holy City. We have entered a melting pot of Jews, ranging from purely secular to ultra orthodox, and Arabs and Palestinians. It is a mishmash of tourists from around the world and street merchants longing to sell their goods to all who will buy them. …

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Preparing for a Grand Entrance

I hope you slept well last night, my friends! As we arise this morning, we head to breakfast with an aire of excitement as today we will enter the Holy City of Jerusalem! The experience is like none other, and if you are a believer, it is likely you will sense things today that you …

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Making Jerusalem an Object of Praise!

According to Isaiah 62:7, we are to give the Lord not rest until He makes Jerusalem an object of praise on the earth. It is always the "right time" to make Jerusalem an object of praise, so let's do that today! Enjoy this bit of worship and exalt in the Lord in worship! https://youtu.be/3zlOBisxC5Y