US-Israel Conclude “Juniper Falcon 2019”

Joint US-Israeli Military Exercises above Israel Military drills between the US and Israel, known as "Juniper Falcon," concluded Thursday in Israel. The biennial drills, which alternate with biennial "Juniper Cobra" drills, are held to enhance military cooperation between the IDF and American military. According to Lt.-Gen. Jeffrey L. Harrigian, deputy commander, US Air Forces in …

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Israel Joins Other Countries in Rendering Aid following Brazilian Dam Burst

Israel is known to have world-class search and rescue teams, as well as other disaster relief personnel who respond to crises all over the world. They are now in Brazil, assisting in the aftermath of a giant dam break...because "it's the right thing to do!"

IDF’s Newest Weapon: Twitter!

Given the tension in the Middle East, we can all use a little levity!

Happening Now: Large-scale Israeli Airstrikes in Syria. Please Pray!

Friends, reports are surfacing of a large-scale military operation is underway in Syria. Amir Tsarfati was just live to provide an update. You can catch his update below. Meanwhile, please pray right now for the safety of Israeli soldiers, innocent civilians, and for great wisdom of military leaders around the world. (If the video is …

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