Israel Responds to 12 Mortars Shot from Gaza Strip

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Israel Responds to Mortar Attack

A month to the day that Israel destroyed terror tunnels built by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, 12 mortars were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel yesterday.  There is some belief that those were fired in retaliation toward Israel for the destruction of those tunnels.

Image result for idf responds to mortars from gazaIsrael responded to the mortars by attacking 6 Hamas positions in Gaza.  There were no injuries.  Here is the brief IDF report.

Be persistent in prayer, Christian friends!  Things continue to stir in the Middle East, and the Palestinian/Hamas effort to just hammer away little-by-little on Israel never ceases.  Give the Lord no rest (Isaiah 62:6-7) as you pray persistently for Israel!

More News of Israeli Help on the Syrian Border

A couple days ago I shared a 60 Minutes piece focusing on the medical help being given within bombed out areas of Syria.  Today I want to focus once again on what goes on in the middle of the night on the Syrian-Israeli border.  With war raging only a handful of miles away, the border is obviously very closely guarded by Israeli troops.

However, you may be surprised at what those soldiers do during the night!  It is absolutely amazing what the nation of Israel does on behalf of those in need.  The reaction from those who receive assistance is even more amazing…Syrians expressing love for Israel!

Check out this video from Stand with Us:

Saving…then Changing…the Lives of Syrians

While tyrannical regimes (Russia, Iran, Turkey) send their leaders to discuss war how to oppress and defeat their enemies, the IDF is caring for, saving and changing the lives of Syrians caught in the grip of Syrian civil war.

The Israeli Defense Forces have established field hospitals on the Israeli-Syrian border and welcome hundreds of Syrians in need each day.

Check out the IDF’s blog and video, detailing their work at Mazor Ladach Field Hospital in the Golan.

Have you prayed for Israel lately?  Why not take a few moments right now to pray for the Prince of Peace to make Himself at home in the lives of Syrians, Israelis and everyone else in the area.