One of King Hezekiah’s Watchtowers Found

Somewhere in the southern desert of Israel, Israeli soldiers discovered a watchtower dating back to King Hezekiah's time (roughly 680 BC). Watchtowers were used not only for defense, but also for signaling. Find out more about this interesting discovery here: Israeli Soldiers Unearth Watchtower from King Hezekiah's Reign

The Six Day War: Aftermath

Over the past 6 days, we have commemorated the miraculous victory of the IDF in the Six Day War. Facing Arab plans to annihilate the Jewish state, Israel launched a preemptive strike in order to stave off a much bigger and better equipped Egyptian military. Syria and Jordan stood ready to pound the Israelis as …

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The Six Day War: Day 6

Israel's history is checkered with miraculous victories since her rebirth in 1948. Five Arab enemies attacked the day after Israel declared independence that year. Despite being totally out-numbered and lacking military equipment, the Lord brought victory. Continuing to antagonize the Jewish nation, Arab neighbors came calling once again in 1956. Still out-manned and out-equipped, Israel …

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