Special Event: To Syria with Love!

You have seen the news.  Syria is rife with war and filled with various rogue terrorist groups destroying anyone and everything in their path.Now, imagine being a medical professional called by God to be smuggled into the depths of Syria's civil war (over 4 hours on horseback!) to share the love of Jesus.  That was Debbie Denison's …

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IDF: Taking Care of Business

As you likely know, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) thwarted a major terrorist attack aimed at Israeli citizens over the weekend. For several months, Israeli intelligence tracked the movement of Iranian operatives planning and moving drones into position to attack Israel. Just prior to those operatives activating the plan, the IDF launched a massive attack …

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One of King Hezekiah’s Watchtowers Found

Somewhere in the southern desert of Israel, Israeli soldiers discovered a watchtower dating back to King Hezekiah's time (roughly 680 BC). Watchtowers were used not only for defense, but also for signaling. Find out more about this interesting discovery here: Israeli Soldiers Unearth Watchtower from King Hezekiah's Reign