Truth Must Prevail: An Arab Christian Sets the Record Straight

Breaking My Silence: An Arab Christian Speaks Out

Yesterday we focused on God’s grace in bringing an Iranian Muslim to saving faith in Jesus.  The power of Jesus Christ is also alive in the life of an Arab Israeli determined to spread truth.  His name is Yoseph Haddad, and he needs our prayers this week!

There are movements across American college campuses and elsewhere to promote anti-Israel sentiment and antisemitism.  The BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) Movement is most prominent, as attempts are made to isolate Israel.  However, movements such as Breaking the Silence are spreading blatant lies about Israel in general, and specifically the IDF, and they are converging on Harvard University this coming week.

In the midst of it all, an Arab Israeli Christian is setting the record straight!  An IDF veteran who fought in the Second Intifada and the Second Lebanon War, sustaining life-threatening injuries, Yoseph is breaking his silence!  He, too, will speak at Harvard this week.

Read Breaking My Silence: An Arab Christian Speaks Out.  (You can also see an interview with him on Israeli TV here.)  More importantly, please pray for Yoseph Haddad as he speaks truth on one of America’s most prestigious universities this week.  Ask the Lord to fill the venue, and for Yoseph’s message to go out clear and strong.  May this man bring glory to God as he speaks the truth in a very secular setting.

I’m praying….will you join me?

BREAKING: Air Attacks Launched on Latakia Syria

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News is coming in regarding an alleged Israeli air strike on the port city of Latakia, Syria.

This is a major development, as Latakia is the main base for Russian troops and activity in Syria.  Typically, when Israel strikes bases inside Syria, they are Iranian bases, and Russia is notified prior to the strike.  In this case, it is doubtful Russia was notified, and some are reporting Russian S-400 missile defense systems failed to identify Israeli aircraft.  It is suspected that chemical weapons, likely staged for an attack on Idlib (the last rebel stronghold in Syria) were targeted by the Israelis.

Also of note, unusual movement of NATO ships in the Caribbean has been noted.

News as we have it currently is far from complete, and much is yet to be fully verified, though what I have included here has been verified by muliple sources.  Stay tuned for more details.

My point is not to stir up sensationalism, but to ask you to pray for God’s wisdom for Israeli, US and NATO leaders.  Pray, also, for warring angels to render evil schemes powerless.  Pray for the safety of soldiers and civilians.

Most of all, pray for the Prince of Peace…Jesus Christ Himself…to be made known to Jews, Arabs, Persians, Russians, Syrians and everyone else in the region.  Our world needs a Savior and He is waiting to be discovered.

Stay tuned…

“Operation Good Neighbor” Comes to an End

Prior to the Syrian civil war, the border with Israel was relatively quiet, with a small UN peacekeeping unit nestled in a buffer zone between the two.  It was one of Israel’s most peaceful borders.

After war broke out, rebels fled many parts of Syria and gathered in areas near the Israeli border.  Gradually, Assad’s forces pressed in, making life very isolated and difficult for Syrians living inside Syria, but on the border with Israel.

So, in 2016, the Israeli Defense Forces made a bold decision to launch Operation Good Neighbor, providing humanitarian and medical aid to Syrians in need.  Tons and tons of good were shipped into Syria over the past couple years, medical teams were escorted deep into Syria under cover of night, and hundreds were treated in emergency rooms set up on the border.  Some were even transported to Israeli hospitals where they were treated at no cost.

But recently, Assad’s forces conquered the rebels in southern Syria, and now control the very areas that were benefiting from Israeli aid at the border.  Operation Good Neighbor has run its course.

However, OGN certainly left a positive mark on the Syrians they served.  One Syrian said:

“I wish you all the best, and I thank you very much for your help and for supporting us. In God’s name, this deed will not be forgotten, and we will teach our children of what you have done.”

What an incredible witness to the world of God’s grace and goodness shown through His chosen people.  As we say farewell to this marvelous mission, let’s take a look back at the work of the IDF: