Gaza Rockets Rain Down Once Again on Israel

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6/20/2018 rocket attacks on Israel

Overnight, Israel was attacked yet again by a barrage of rockets from Gaza.  According to the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at least 45 rockets were fired at Israeli cities and towns.  Israel holds Hamas responsible and the IDF has taken action against Hamas targets within the Gaza Strip.

You can see pictures and read more here.

Be diligent in prayer, my friend!

Israel’s Response to Fire Kites from Gaza

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Kibbutz Nir-am

In response to Palestinian fire kites from the Gaza Strip, the children of Kibbutz Nir-am had a response!  They floated balloons filled with candy into the Gaza Strip.

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The Hamas-backed Palestinian threat of launching 5,000 fire kites into Israel on the final day of Ramadan failed to match the expectation, though 11 fires set by incendiary kites were quickly extinguished by fire fighters and volunteer citizens.

Earlier that day (Friday), Israeli military aircraft fired warning shots at a terrorist group in Gaza preparing to launch kites.  A military spokesman stated, “The IDF views the use of incendiary balloons and kites with great severity and will operate to prevent their use.”

Israel is now using “re-purposed” radar technology designed originally to detect gliders to track down fire kites.  Drones are now being used to intercept incendiary kites.  Over the past 2+ months of the Palestinian “March of Return,” almost $1.5 million in damages has occurred in Israel (due primarily to fire damage to fields and forests), and more than 130 Palestinians have lost their lives, many of whom are members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad.

Image may contain: textThe battle is between good and evil.  Make no mistake, neither the Jews nor the Palestinians are perfect people.  But consider the principles in play.  One side launches a “peaceful” protest in which they hurl grenades, explosives and rocks at soldiers, burn tires and fly hundreds of incendiary kites and balloons into Israeli territory, sparking dozens of fires.  While the other side responds by sending “peace” balloons, filled with candy, into the Gaza Strip in return.  Which do you see as most peaceful?

Let’s pray for the “good,” and plead for the “evil.”  That evil is perpetrated by Hamas.  The citizens, particularly children, are brainwashed to hate Jews and encouraged to murder them.  Pray that the “good” demonstrated by the people of Kibbutz Nir-am provides opportunity for Palestinian young people to turn from the evil imposed upon them.

Pray for all to know true peace that only the Prince of Peace can provide!

Two Distinctly Different Tales of Gaza

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Wow…I was struck by two very interesting, but polar opposite perspectives of Gaza recently.  Let’s start with the Hamas-directed, Iranian-supported rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel earlier this week.

You have undoubtedly heard the news of the multiple barrages, totaling about 100 rockets fired in a 36-hour period.  But take a look at the graphic above to get a clear sense of the number of launch areas utilized this week, as well as the number of Israeli towns and villages that were fired upon.  Imagine living in those towns and having 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter.

Thankfully, the Iron Dome shot down the majority of Palestinian rockets, while others landed in open areas.  Some did not make it beyond Gazan borders before hitting their own power lines, knocking out power to parts of the Gaza Strip.  After taking care of business – ie, bombing terrorist launch sites, headquarters, weapon storage facilities, etc – the IDF also took care of humanitarian business by repairing the power lines in Gaza that were damaged by Hamas rockets!  Unbelievable!

Meanwhile, the UN refused to condemn Gaza and/or Hamas for provocatively firing rockets and mortars at innocent Israeli citizens!  Imagine the outrage had it happened the other way around!  Such double standards!

So, from the bitter to the sweet…

I learned something new…and it is wonderful news!  One for Israel has been proclaiming the Gospel to Palestinians and, well….you just need to hear it for yourself!


So, before you give up all hope that God is able to do miracles, even in the hearts and minds of those who oppose Israel, think of the Gazan people who are hearing the Gospel and coming to know Yeshua (Jesus)!

Today…right now…will you join me in praying for the people of Gaza?  They live in tyranny and are brainwashed by an evil regime hell-bent on keeping hatred alive and violence at the forefront.  Elementary-age children are being indoctrinated with jihadist ideology, thus, they grow up desiring to kill Jews.  Pray for the evil schemes to be thwarted and the children to be set free to live innocent, playful lives.

Our God is alive and the Spirit is moving in the midst of Muslims in the Middle East!  Let’s get behind that move and pray like there is no tomorrow!  For many who live in Gaza, there isn’t!