Israel’s Response to Fire Kites from Gaza

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Kibbutz Nir-am

In response to Palestinian fire kites from the Gaza Strip, the children of Kibbutz Nir-am had a response!  They floated balloons filled with candy into the Gaza Strip.

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The Hamas-backed Palestinian threat of launching 5,000 fire kites into Israel on the final day of Ramadan failed to match the expectation, though 11 fires set by incendiary kites were quickly extinguished by fire fighters and volunteer citizens.

Earlier that day (Friday), Israeli military aircraft fired warning shots at a terrorist group in Gaza preparing to launch kites.  A military spokesman stated, “The IDF views the use of incendiary balloons and kites with great severity and will operate to prevent their use.”

Israel is now using “re-purposed” radar technology designed originally to detect gliders to track down fire kites.  Drones are now being used to intercept incendiary kites.  Over the past 2+ months of the Palestinian “March of Return,” almost $1.5 million in damages has occurred in Israel (due primarily to fire damage to fields and forests), and more than 130 Palestinians have lost their lives, many of whom are members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad.

Image may contain: textThe battle is between good and evil.  Make no mistake, neither the Jews nor the Palestinians are perfect people.  But consider the principles in play.  One side launches a “peaceful” protest in which they hurl grenades, explosives and rocks at soldiers, burn tires and fly hundreds of incendiary kites and balloons into Israeli territory, sparking dozens of fires.  While the other side responds by sending “peace” balloons, filled with candy, into the Gaza Strip in return.  Which do you see as most peaceful?

Let’s pray for the “good,” and plead for the “evil.”  That evil is perpetrated by Hamas.  The citizens, particularly children, are brainwashed to hate Jews and encouraged to murder them.  Pray that the “good” demonstrated by the people of Kibbutz Nir-am provides opportunity for Palestinian young people to turn from the evil imposed upon them.

Pray for all to know true peace that only the Prince of Peace can provide!

The End of a “Peaceful” Holy Month?


That was one of yesterday’s headlines in The Jerusalem Post.  But let’s examine some facts.

Today is the final day of Ramadan, a month in which Muslims pray and fast in commemoration of the revelation of the Qur’an.  Some insist that Islam is a religion of peace, that Muhammad was a leader of peace and that Ramadan is a peaceful commemoration.

Instead, what we see is this:

  • A “peaceful” border protest (complete with rockets, attempts to tear down parts of the border fence, plans to attack Israeli cities and towns near the Gaza Strip, and the discovery of more terror tunnels) that is now well into its third month.
  • The “peaceful” month of Ramadan, marked by a new-found means of attack: fire kites.
  • “Peaceful” payment to terrorists and their families who kidnap or murder Jews.
  • “Peaceful” speeches by Hamas leaders vowing to rip the hearts out of Israelis.

Now, the Palestinians will “celebrate” the last day of this peaceful month of Ramadan by sending 5,000 fire kites into Israel today!

What’s wrong with that picture?

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
~Isaiah 5:20

Meanwhile, in the UN, another resolution was levied against Israel for using excessive force in their ongoing efforts to contain the barrage of “peaceful” terrorist activities on the Gaza border.  Furthermore, when US Ambassador Nikki Haley proposed a resolution condemning Hamas for their incitement and backing of Palestinian violence toward Israel, it was voted down.  Absolutely ludicrous!

Hear Haley’s defense of her proposed amendment:


Jews and Arabs Leaving Peacefully Side-by-Side!

I recently read an article entitled, Biblical Shomron: Israel’s Strategic, Peaceful and Beautiful Heartland.  In it is the story of the Shomron Regional Counsel’s success in developing areas where Jews and Palestinians work peacefully side-by-side.  The area is called the West Bank, but in Biblical terms, it is Samaria.

This area is targeted by the BDS movement, an effort to boycott, divest and sanction Israeli companies for the purpose of “helping” the Palestinians.  But the truth is, if these companies were shut down, more Palestinians would be out of work than Israelis!  That’s one of the things that makes the BDS movement so ridiculous!

I have been to this area and I have seen Jews and Palestinians working peacefully side-by-side and it is such a refreshing sight!  Peace is possible when left to the citizens themselves.  It is when the Palestinian Authority and/or Hamas get involved that things turn south, as they have in the ongoing conflict at the Gaza border.

If only the citizens were allowed to seek a better living, Israel would give them that!  Those who do have the opportunity to live and work in the Shomron region bear testament to that!

Please pray for the people of Gaza.  The oppression (and brainwashing) is so intense, violence is all they know.  Pray they will find the freedom enjoyed by their countrymen in the Shomron region.

BTW – the Jewish “settlements” in the West Bank we hear so much about on the news look like this:

The Difference Between Palestinian Kites and Israeli Kites

Israeli Kites

A Palestinians protester attaches an incendiary device to a kite before trying to fly it over the border fence between Gaza and Israel on May 4, 2018

Palestinian Fire Kite ready for Launch

Over the past few weeks, Palestinians have resorted to launching kites into Israel which carry fire lit materials and are intended to set fields, forests and cities in Israel on fire.

Image result for where is sderotThe Jewish city of Sderot is situated less than 2 miles from the Gaza border and has been targeted by those kites.  So, after enduring many fire kite attacks from the Gaza Strip, Sderot decided to respond!  Dozens of kites filled the skies over Sderot, each emblazoned with a personal message of hope and renewal!  Prior to the event, Sderot’s mayor said:

“Our children are busy with positive activities; for us, these will be kites of life and not kites of death. We are also calling on the children of Gaza to play and not to be dragged into terrorist acts.”

“In contrast with our neighbors in Gaza who turned the beautiful hobby of kiting into a terrorist act, with huge agricultural damages, the children of Sderot and the region are returning the kites to their original form – from making them to sending them soaring into the skies with the hope that they will not fall. We deal with positive acts and optimism and the wish that our children will always be happy. I call out to the children of Gaza to play with the kites that they make and not to be sucked up by agents of terror – for us these are kites of life and not of death.”

What an incredible response to the terrorism that plagues Jewish cities along the Gaza border!  While the terrorists in Gaza attempt to turn children’s light-hearted play objects into weapons of terror, Israelis work to return the innocence of kites back into what they should be: objects of play!

Indeed, may these kites of hope bring peace and joy to Israeli and Palestinian children alike.