Fatemeh’s Story: An Iranian Tragedy

What is life like in Iran?

Today, with the help of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, I want to give you some insight.  Find out what life is like through the eyes of 15-year-old Fatemeh:

Beyond simply unveiling the reality of what life is like for many Iranians, my point is this: On every front, Israel is reaching out to her enemies to free the people of oppressive regimes.  Here is what you need to know about Israel and her enemies:

  • Iran, Israel’s single greatest enemy, is experiencing terrible drought conditions, yet Israel (the world’s #1 recycler of water) offered to help.  Unfortunately, the Iranian regime rejected help and said, “Mind your own business!”  So, Israel got creative and launched a website (in Farsi, Iran’s native language), accessible directly by the Iranian people, which provides tips on how to conserve water, recycle waste water and improve water usage for crops!
  • Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and his tyrannical dictatorship plunged Syria into a multidimensional civil war that has absolutely crushed the citizens of Syria.  So, in 2013 the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) began treating ill and wounded Syrian citizens at field hospitals set up on the border.  That developed into Operation Good Neighbor in 2016, a multi-faceted humanitarian relief effort to provide food, medical care and daily living supplies to citizens inside Syria.  More recently, partners such as Frontier Alliance International have joined forces with the IDF to provide specialized medical aid deep within Syrian territory.
  • Recently, the IDF has promoted #FreeGazaFromHamas, tearing away the veil to reveal what is really going on in Gaza.  Here is one of their videos:

Israel seems to understand the difference between dictatorial regimes and the oppressed citizens those regimes control.  Responses from those citizens are amazing, as they acknowledge and thank Israelis.  Love and care are much more powerful than political solutions, so let’s pray that efforts to befriend and assist citizens in “enemy nations” build important bridges of peace.

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